Jennifer Lopez To Add Enrique Iglesias To Her First World Tour?

It’s not official yet, but rumors that Jennifer Lopez is about to announce a 60-date world tour have just gotten even hotter. According to Celebuzz, JLo will be joined by “Mouth 2 Mouth” collaborator Enrique Iglesias on the road.

As previously reported, the concert series is set to kick off in South America in June. Enrique, who is currently touring his 2010 release Euphoria, already has performances and special appearances scheduled through May, with only a handful of gigs lined up for June and July.

In March 2011, the “Naked” heartthrob withdrew from Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale tour after he was perceived to be the tour opener, rather than a co-headliner.

Jennifer Lopez & Enrique Iglesias, “Mouth 2 Mouth”

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  • pophipster

    so… does he also think he has as much swag as jennifer? cause he doesnt. he hasn’t contributed anything to the pop sphere the way britney or jlo has. most people dont even remember his hits other than bailamos, hero and that new one for jersey shore. his ego is gross. nicki was a way better fit for britney anyway. bet hes kicking himself now.

  • lyinque

    … yeah, right, he’s kicking himself for missing out on Britney… so he could do his own tour with Pit Bull and Prince Royce and gross a couple million (as reported in Billboard magazine). If only Enrique’s fans remember his 22 #1 hit singles, that’s okay — there’s enough of us to sell out Madison Square Garden last year …. TWICE.

  • joanna

    i think it’s good idea i like them both

    @pophipster he has no ego he just had other thinks to do at that time and he has a lot of fans who knows all his songs

  • RtA1913

    Actually they make more sense touring together, given they’re both latin artists, and as of lately they have a similar sound, actually Enrique co-wrote “Dance Again” so yeah it makes sense. And well people DO remind his hits, remember he also sings in Spanish and has never had a problem to sell out arenas.

    If this tour goes to a city near me, count me in, i’m going! :) I like Enrique songs and JLo is an awesome performer! Plus i’m latin so I want to support my artists!

  • Rita

    I just love the idea that they decided to tour together. Hope they tour the Asian countries. because both of them especially Enrique has got huge fan following from the Asian countries.

    @pophipster you may have short termed memory for not remembering Enrique’s hits. But the people around the world dont forget so quickly about the 56 no 1s he scored in various billboard charts.

  • musiclover


  • musiclover

    Once again question is why is she taking such a loser like him along? nobody knows him like they do JLO and BRIITNEY SPEARS. he must need alot of help for his failing career!