Flo Rida Wants You To Blow His “Whistle” In Least Subtle Song Ever

Apr 17th, 2012 // 10 Comments
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While the world seethes and whips itself into a maniacal frenzy in anticipation of Flo Rida‘s upcoming LP Only One Rida (Part 2), the rapper has gifted the masses with another tease of his sure-to-be aural masterpiece in the form of new song “Whistle”. Poor Flo — someone should have told him that whistling for a hit is so Summer 2011. Not that it matters, really, because with lyrics as classy as “girl, I’m gonna show you how to do it and we’ll start real slow, you just put your lips together and you come real close” how can it miss? Thar she blows, down below!

Produced by DJ Frank E, the mastermind behind ‘ equally tender “Tonight (I’m Fuckin’ You)”, “Whistle” received its first radio play Down Under (this is really writing itself) yesterday.

Pretty daring, though, of Flo — after scoring hits with the Etta James-sampling “Good Feeling” and Sia-featuring “Wild Ones”, the rapper is going it alone this time. Does he have what it takes to deliver the goods on his own?

Let us know below if “Whistle” is blowing your mind, or if it just plain sucks.

  1. Me

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  2. Tim

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  3. Anon.

    Great beat to the song, quite interesting lyrics though. I would’ve loved if they made the lyrics maybe a little cleaner in the sense of hidden messages. Bit too far with this report Robbie Daw, not very entertained.

  4. carolyn.malone@talktalk.net

    Crap song demeaning to women again…….

  5. Michelle

    it’s actually a really good song and a really catchy tune… i just can’t get over the lyrics

  6. Alex

    A discusting song I thought it meant something a little smoother. Other than that I liked it.

  7. Anonymous

    There is nothing redeeming. The lyrics suck and are disgusting and the beat isn’t catchy.

  8. DJ

    This song is fun, the sexual revolution means woman enjoy sex and not feeling demeaned by it.

  9. steve

    doesnt it mean if a girl gives you a b-j?

  10. DJ


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