Jay-Z Introduces LeBron James To Solange Knowles’ Son, Becomes Best Uncle Ever

Jay-Z Lebron James And Julez
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Jay-Z isn’t just content to be a great dad (he’s already helped his new daughter Blue Ivy reach the Billboard charts); he just has to be a fantastic uncle too. When Jay and Beyonce stepped out to Madison Square Garden this weekend to catch Hova’s New Jersey Nets face off against the Miami Heat, he made it a point to introduce his nephew Julez to Heat superstar (and personal friend) Lebron James, who handed the awestruck seven-year-old his headband, his arm guard and his fresh-off-the-court Nike sneakers. All of this begs the question: if this was a typical Sunday, what is Jay going to do for young Julez at Christmas?

It was an adorable scene, and Julez’s delight was obvious. His mother Solange (the other hyper-talented member of the Knowles clan) tweeted an ecstatic thanks to Lebron, saying: “Thank you @KingJames, for making Julez’s day, week, month… ect. He has a permanent smile:) Very, very kind of you.”

Indeed, it was so cute that Jay-Z didn’t even seem to mind that his Nets lost, 101-98.

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  • Facts

    FYI – that wasn’t the first time that Juelz has met LeBron as LeBron has been friends with Jay for years and hung out with him and Beyonce and their family for years. He’s been around Juelz since he was born. He was just being nice to a kid he already knows which was great and on the strength of Jay and Bey of course.