Rihanna Shakes Her Groove Thing In “Where Have You Been” Dance Rehearsal

Apr 19th, 2012 // 5 Comments
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We don’t know much about Rihanna‘s “Where Have You Been” video other than it involves a fair amount of flexibility. But now we know there’s quite a bit of dancing, too. “Only because my schedule has always been so busy, it never really allowed for us to spend time rehearsing,” Rihanna tells the camera crew of the video, with moves by Step Up 3D choreographer Hi-Hat.

Though RiRi is always grooving to the beat in her videos, they don’t often involve complicated choreography. But the pop star was insistent on it this time around. ”This one is just all about performance,” she said. “It’s all about evoking emotion through your body. I would never shoot this video if I couldn’t do choreography. Cause it would be pretty pointless. It would be disappointing.” See what you’ve got to look forward to in the behind-the-scenes clip above.  


  1. she can’t dance cause she’s not a dancer!

  2. Alvin

    Disclaimer: I’m not a hater of her
    u’re right! she dances awkwardly…

  3. Robert

    Rihanna please call Beyoncé for some lessons

  4. tam

    omg wtf is wrong with you haters, jeez. So now everyone who puts a little dance in their video is trying to be Beyonce??? NO!
    and she can dance–everyone dances different moves in different ways–DUH!

  5. Robert

    I’m not saying she is trying to be Beyoncé. I like Rihanna, but Beyoncé can dance (and sing) and she can’t dance at all.

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