Cheryl Cole’s Calvin Harris-Produced “Call My Name”: Listen

When it comes to Cheryl Cole‘s lead singles from her three solo albums, it goes a little something like this: “Fight For This Love” is a modern day classic (a proper “jam”, if you will), “Promise This”… well, we blocked that from our minds, quite frankly… and “Call My Name” is thankfully closer to the former than the latter. Like Scissor Sisters with “Only The Horses”, Cole enlisted Scottish DJ/producer for production chores on giddy dance floor treat “Call My Name”. Bounce below to listen

“I love what you do to me, need you to stay with me / I love you too much to let go,” Cheryl sings in the lead-up to the buoyant chorus on “Call My Name”. Lyrically, this one isn’t going to revolutionize songwriting as we know it, and, musically, there are similar elements employed by Harris here to his work on Rihanna‘s smash “We Found Love”.

That said, the song is a winner in that its hook and melodies manage to grab you from the first listen, no matter how familiar they might sound.

Cole’s third LP A Million Lights has a release date (in the UK, so far) of June 18. The video for “Call My Name” was directed by Anthony Mandler, and is set to premiere on May 2.

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  • Nonie

    OMG it’s very Good ! :)

  • Evan

    It’s okaaay… The lyrics are ultimately forgettable and while the production is good, Calvin Harris has done much better. And unlike Rihanna, who may not be a great singer but has a very distinct voice, Cheryl’s voice isn’t distinct at all. Let’s face it, anyone could have sang this song.

    • Evan H.

      OMG My name is Evan and I feel the same way about what you said. What a coincidence. It is just an okay song; I was expecting something way better from Calvin Harris.

  • Chris

    Lol he’s become as bad as dr Luke and redone! Sounds all the same

  • Rich

    It’s bland, with weak vocals, expected much more for a come back single

    • Andrea

      It’s not a comeback! She released her last album just a little over a year ago! Give her a break!

  • Rich

    She also sounds bored while singing it