Beyonce’s “Countdown” Video Gets A Stoner Parody For 420

Apr 20th, 2012 // Comment
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If you’re the type to enjoy some herbal refreshment on 420, or just enjoy a well-done parody video, we suggest you roll up with College Humor’s stoner version of Beyonce‘s “Countdown” video. The actress in the clip does a pretty convincing job of imitating Bey’s Nicki Minaj-esque facial expressions from the original “Countdown” video, as well as playing totally baked. (Well, we’re assuming she’s playing baked, but you never know.) Watch the highly entertaining vid above — that is, if you’re head isn’t still up in the clouds. (We’re talking to you, Rihanna, she who recently rolled a joint big enough to smoke out all of Coachella.) [Via College Humor]


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