Nicki Minaj Explains “Beez In The Trap” And Quitting Twitter On ‘The Graham Norton Show’

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Why did Nicki Minaj quit Twitter? How is she finding the success of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded? And what the hell does “Beez in the Trap” mean, anyway? The “Starships” songstress had a few things to clear up with her Barbz, and stopped by The Graham Norton Show to do just that. “A voice in my head told me to delete my Twitter and that’s what I did,” she explained to host Graham Norton and fellow guests John Bishop and Mark Ruffalo. (Listening to voices in your head — not always a wise idea…) She also gave a handy explanation of the meaning behind her street single: “The trap relates to anywhere that you get your money,” before sassing Norton: “You in the trap right now, playboy!” And though she didn’t perform, she did do a nice lip syncing of the track along with her Barbz.


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