Justin Bieber Mobbed By Fans At London Airport

Apr 23rd, 2012 // 1 Comment
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Justin Bieber hasn’t just been using his Twitter account to tease his former paternity accuser (and apparent total stranger) Mariah Yeater, he’s also used the social media platform to tip off his London fans of his arrival. By tweeting just two words “LONDON CALLING” on Sunday (Apr. 22) the Biebs summoned over 100 Beliebers to the London Heathrow Airport creating mass hysteria as the swarm of fans mobbed the Canadian crooner. While trying to navigate the crowd, JB reportedly smashed a photographer, breaking his camera. Oops! Check out the Bieber-induced mayhem and tell us below (or on Facebook and Twitter) if you would drop everything and head to the airport for just a glimpse at the Biebs. 


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    Why does he look like a darn girl?Pink headphones,pants falling off??Who finds this attractive?Come on mANNNNNNNN!When is this boy going to hit puberty?Just saying.

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