Haley Reinhart Reveals ‘Listen Up!’ Track Listing

We are more than ready to get our hands on American Idol Season 10 jazz-pop lady Haley Reinhart‘s debut album, Listen Up!, which drops May 22. The 21-year-old singer co-wrote nearly every track on her first post-Idol release, including the B.o.B-assisted opener “Oh My!” and the song “Wonderland”, which will follow “Free” as the LP’s next single (and should be premiering online any minute now). Head below for Listen Up!‘s track listing, and a shot of Haley doing some Baywatch roleplaying as she works a red hot lifeguard uniform on the album’s back cover.

Haley Reinhart — Listen Up!

1. “Oh My!” – Featuring B.o.B. 2. “Free” 3. “Liar” 4. “Wasted Tears” 5. “Undone” 6. “Now That You’re Here” 7. “Wonderland” 8. “Keep Comin’ Back” 9. “Hit The Ground Runnin’” 10. “Walking On Heaven”

Bonus tracks:

11. “Follow Me (I’m Right Behind You)” 12. “Spiderweb” 13. “What You Don’t Know” 14. “Let’s Run Away”