The Wanted Are Glad They Came To ‘The View’

Apr 25th, 2012 // 1 Comment
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Amazing Performance !

The Wanted debuted the video for “Chasing The Sun” last night, but they’re still getting some major play off their first single, “Glad You Came”. The Brit boy band performed the tune on The View this morning, and knowing the thinly-veiled double meaning of the song, it’s a little disturbing seeing them sing directly to a little girl at the conclusion of their performance. Let’s hope that child (and her parents) aren’t as keen to the song’s double entendre as the rest of us. And if the naughtiness of their own single wasn’t enough, the boys all jam out to seemingly-innocent classic “Afternoon Delight” as well. We’re sure The View ladies appreciated that one.

  1. grace

    that little girl is my sister

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