B.o.B And Nicki Minaj Go “Out Of My Mind” On New ‘Strange Clouds’ Song

Ready to go mental? The latest track from B.o.B‘s Strange Clouds has popped up online, the Nicki Minaj pair-up “Out Of Mind”, and it features the Atlanta rapper offering up crazy lines like this: “I’m out of it, I can’t seem to come out of it, what’s going on inside of my head, it feels like I’m being John Malkovich.” The monotonous synth distortion throughout the track goes a long way toward adding to the insanity. And then there’s Nicki’s rap — all of which you can hear below.

“You can be the priest and Imma be the preacher, you can be the He-Man and Imma be the She-Ra, you can be the grim and Imma be the reaper,” Minaj raps before singing Hayley Williams’ part on the chorus of B.o.B’s 2010 hit “Airplanes”.

It’s definitely not single material, but “Out Of My Mind” is entertaining for one listen. Anything more than that and you’ll probably need to be locked up in a padded room.

[Via Rap-Up.com]