Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” Video: Review Revue

After putting the focus on her bountiful backside in over-the-top, ridiculously silly videos, Nicki Minaj has done… exactly the same thing again with her “Starships” clip. The video, which premiered last night (April 26) on MTV, had just about everything you could imagine, except coherence. Though Nicki’s Barbz might be ordering their string bikinis and green wigs for the Summer season, the critics weren’t exactly swooning for Minaj’s wackadoo trip to the beach. Find out what everyone’s saying about “Starships” below.

Spin goes easy on “Starships”: “The video… [shifts] between glamorous shots of Minaj giving come-hither looks and hallucinogenic scenes where everybody just looks batshit. Whether this fantasy-island video grows on us or not, it’s frivolously, hedonistically pop. Why is that necessarily such a bad thing again, exactly?”

MTV Buzzworthy knows the video is cray, and so is Nicki’s envy-inspiring bod: “Nicki Minaj’s ‘Starships’ video makes absolutely no sense. If starships are really meant to fly (according to Wikipedia, they are, and through space!), then why did Nicki choose to have a tribal body paint party on the beach for her video? Who knows, but it really doesn’t matter. The important thing here is that we’ll all be on egg white and protein shake diets for the next three months trying to replicate Nicki’s absolutely bananas figure.”

EW Music Mix gets it: “Since ‘Starships’ is the anchor of the pop-centric half of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (the same sequence of songs I suggested could be immediately jettisoned from iTunes in my review of the album), it’s only appropriate that Minaj adopt the look and feel of a more traditional pop video.”

Huffington Post finds a way to trash both her video and her album, Roman Reloaded: “Minaj’s video isn’t anything new, but then again, according to the reviews for her album, neither is her music.”

Vulture notes that the video “really does feature a little bit of everything”, adding, “It is, once again, the Nicki Minaj Kitchen Sink approach to being a pop star.”

HitFix goes for the jugular in their review: “For everything wrong with this video and this type of video, just fast forward to the final scenes, where the party jumps around and Minaj has to literally hold onto her bouncing bountiful breasts: is it to mirror very similar actions that everyday party-going girls have to endure or a true reflection of the waste and half-baked madness Barbz must endure? Either way: it requires endruance to get through this mess… Cash Money has got to quit trying to make Minaj into Rihanna With Raps.”

Finally, The Prophet Blog finds many similarities between Nicki’s new video, and the debut video of The Hills actress and wannabe pop star Heidi Montag, “Higher”, which also featured its leading lady rolling around a beach in a skimpy pink bikini. “Isn’t it funny that Heidi’s cheap videos were just filmed on a camcorder by Spencer Pratt, while Nicki’s clip was done by a famous director with major label funding, yet the videos are essentially the same?”

For those who missed out on Ms. Montag’s cinematic achievement, here it is:


What did you think of Nicki’s beach party? Did it make you want to run in the sand, or just rewatch old Lost episodes? Tell us in the comments, or on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.


  • Fire-And-Ice

    This, like pretty much everything about the Roman Reloaded campaign so far, has been a hot ass mess.

    The video’s like what I’d expect to happen if the cast of Lost suddenly found a stash of drugs out in the jungle. Bizarre. Terrible CGI spaceship too.

    • Name3456

      Ugh, that spaceship was horrible. It totally set the tone for the entire video. The moment I saw it I thought “this is going to be a cheap and tacky video.” Sure enough, it was incredibly cheap-looking and shamefully tacky.

  • Josh

    yknow alot of reviews about Nicki seem to have the basis of her aiming for but not achieving a certain pop feel/look. but to be honest Nicki is nailing it. the song and the video are perfect summery vibes and its not exactly second rate.

  • Josh

    and the reason why the video for ‘starships’ was done on a beach is because (oblivious to MTV) the song is about going to the beach… haha

  • Dido

    Becky Bain spelled head instead of had. It’s pretty ridiculous to misspell when ragging on a song.

  • Realistic

    Here is a video that may have inspired the spaceship.

  • Realistic

    Uhmn…alot of spaceship videos have been popping up here lately. Maybe that’s what inspired Nicki Minaj’s spaceship in the first part of the vid. Check this video out by an indie artist that has been circling the web. It was released in 2011

  • danny

    I think people come to expect the most popular female rapper to 1. rap, 2. be hootchie, but not animated, 3. make lyrical sense. What we get from Nicki is just goofy styled pop music with 30 seconds of rap. Britney goes harder than Nicki. LOL

    • Jed

      That’s not necessarily true….there may be a few tracks where she doesn’t always rap but then she has songs like “Beez in the trap,” “roman holiday,” “come on a cone,” “HOV lane,” and a few others where she is mainly rapping.

  • trinidad girl

    all you punk asses just hating on NIKI, she is hott and teh video is hotter. all of you all need to get a life…

  • Oompaloompa

    Seriously, please tell me what it takes to getin the music business. Also tell me what talent she shows in any of her latest songs? Her very first rap songs were plausable but this is gargage! All she is doing is talking in a weird accent very fast like to an annoying repetative beat. This is garbage please open your eyes people.