Beyonce Proves Why She’s ‘People’ Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman

Apr 27th, 2012 // 8 Comments
Beyonce, Revealed
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Earlier this week Beyonce was crowned World’s Most Beautiful Woman by People. And if (for some odd reason) you’re in need of some convincing as to why the pop star earned the slot, here are six more pics from Bey’s spread. Check out the brand new mama as she poses fresh-faced in a simple cardigan and bustier top in bed, lounging in a comfy striped sweater and denim outfit, and posing next to a bicycle in the most killer hot pink Prada shoes. Then tell us below (or on Facebook and Twitter) what you think of Beyonce’s People pictorial.


  1. Amy

    She’s just plain ole gorgeous.

  2. lana

    She is absolutely stunning!

  3. Beyonce 'People' Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    Gorgeous…timeless classic beauty

  4. Beyonce 'People' Magazine
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  5. Beyonce 'People' Magazine
    Herman Bumfudle
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    hello, beautiful mama.

  6. Carmela

    So happy for her!! She’s been in the game and on top for the longest and never once has she played herself out of position or said a negative word about anyone when she could’ve told plenty to kiss where the sun doesn’t shine. I love her humble spirit and she’s beautiful and a great role model to yound and old.

  7. Beyonce 'People' Magazine
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    she is very pretty inside and out thats what makes her the most beutiful women ithe work keep up the good work B!!

  8. Beyonce 'People' Magazine
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    Meant to say she is both beautiful inside and out and i feel that is what makes her beautiful women in the world!!

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