Rihanna Nests In Her “Where Have You Been” Video’s Third Behind-The-Scenes Look

Apr 27th, 2012 // Comment
Rihanna Where Have You Been behind the scenes video
Rihanna - Where Have You Been (Behind The Scenes: Part 3)
Dance Rehearsals
Take a look at the choreography sessions for Ri's new vid. Watch »
Wardrobe Selections
Rihanna Where Have You Been fashion
See the "voodoo, tribal" fashions that will appear in the video. Watch »

The official video for Rihanna‘s latest banger “Where Have You Been” doesn’t arrive until Monday, April 30 at 9 a.m. EST on VEVO, but till then the “Princess Of China” herself released another making-of clip. This time, she takes us on set of the days-long shoot, where we get to see the choreography brought to life in a lush Pandora-like jungle setting, the elaborate desert tribe-inspired costuming — including Ri’s “big pasties” — and a glamorous and smokey third sequence in which the star sports some Diana Ross locks. Plus, we learn a few key bits of trivia from this latest installment, including that the last day of shooting took more than 17 hours and that Rihanna watches Family Guy and possibly NatGeo.

Explaining why she needs to lay on a fur blanket to protect her tush while she perches in a large, twiggy nest, Ri ends her sentence with a “giggity” — the catchphrase of Family Guy pervert Quagmire. Later she reveals that the bird-brained sequence is referred to as the “owl setup” because owls have a 100% kill rate, and you only get knowledge like that from watching nature documentaries. Our girl must have one blown-out cable package!

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