Justin Bieber Reveals Dual Album Covers For ‘Believe’

Justin Bieber gave his fans a treat this afternoon, tweeting out the two covers for the standard and deluxe edition of his upcoming album, Believe (out June 19). The black and white shot of The Bieb is the standard — and is it just us, or is this reminiscent of Adam Lambert‘s Trespassing cover? Take the jump to check out the deluxe cover, which adds a splash of color to Bieber’s cheeks. 

Which cover do you prefer? Personally, we’re feeling the color photo of the pop star, but let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.

  • Pat Jonseof

    Ha, I don’t know why Justin didn’t just name his album TRESPASSING and get it over with. I think it’s hilarious.

  • Jason

    Wow, he copied Trespassing.

  • cynthilu

    That’s TOTALLY LAMBERT’S COVER!!!! Get an original idea Justin!!

  • Mamagail48

    What a twirp. Unbelievable is Believe

  • Carol Baligush

    That is really lame, Justin, only you don’t have an amazing voice or a sexy face like Adam. YOU are TRESPASSING with this copycat album cover!

  • Naomi

    Is this the best he can do? The album cover looks ridiculous. Plus there’s no difference between the standard and deluxe edition. He just added a different color scheme to it.

  • Jed

    copycat album cover? because Adam Lambert is the only artist in the world who has an album cover with his face on it and the title written across the bottom???
    People are always criticizing an artist they don’t like for everything just because they think the artist they are in love is completely original in every sense.

    • Leigh

      It may have been an accident, but the similarity is, nonetheless, striking – the yellow banner – the hair – the look. Gotta agree that it “looks” like a knockoff.

    • Jed

      I love that my comment gets a low rating, but it’s true. Looking at what everyone else to say, it’s ridiculous. I don’t really like either artist but to say one is copying the other is a little excessive not to mention the names you call Justin Bieber because you’re a “Glambert” or whatever is pathetic. Very classy.

  • Name3456

    He looks like a young Boy George, or a girlier Pat Benatar

  • BigTimeRuuuuuuush

    The first one looks a lot like Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing” Album. I’d go with the second one…

  • Alex Maison

    I’m a hundred percent Glambert and I DONT LIKE JUSTIN AT ALL but Adam has taught me not to pic up fights. There have been a lot of fights between the Glamberts and Beliebers regarding it. Its kinda sad cause we dont encourage fanbase wars. Yes the covers are ver similar, but we still dont know that whether the “imitation” was intended or not. None of them has made a statement about it too ,so we shouldnt judge yet. Well if he meant to copy Trespassing then I must say that its ery saddening. Trespassing is a very personal album,Adam has worked a lot on it for the past 2 years. So it would be a shame if it actually turns out to be an intended copy. Well.. till then thats all. ~*Glambert Out*~

  • JustinSucks

    Nice copying Adam Lambert douche

  • celtcwrtr

    has Lee Cherry seen this?

  • LovelyLeeAnn

    LOVE the Album. Pretty Much LOVE Everything Justin Bieber Does. I Would Rather See the Beautiful Front Side of His Face. Although I Definitely LOVE His Pouty Lips.. Keep Up the Great Work Justin!!! SMILE