Lady Gaga Tweets A Picture From Born This Way Ball In Seoul

Lady Gaga‘s letting up on that whole media blackout thing in honor of her Born This Way Ball — or at least she’s tweeting pics. (Does social media count?) After the hungry hungry pop star brought almost-record numbers to her show in Seoul, South Korea on Friday, she tweeted: “I could barely sleep last night. It was the 2nd highest attendance of fans in the History of concerts in Korea.” She also shared the first official shot from the tour, featuring what she described as a Versace crop top and miniskirt from the show, worn for “Edge Of Glory” and “Marry The Night”.

Of course, if it isn’t controversial, it isn’t Gaga — Mother Monster has caused a stir with the Christian Council of Korea, who apparently are not such fans of songs like “Government Hooker.” But we have a feeling Gaga will do alright with or without their endorsement. Following the show she also tweeted: “I’m so grateful for all of you, thank you monsters. Last night was like being completely prepared for a moment you could never prepare for.”

And whatever the viewpoint of local religious organizations, it’s evident Gaga has plenty of fans in South Korea. Here’s video of her stop:

Now she’s on to Hong Kong, which hopefully means a few more shots of what the Born This Way ball has in store!

  • Mohammad Germanotta

    1- gaga did not tweeted this photo she replayed a monster saying she loved her avatar
    2- her outfits costumed by VERSACE not by ARMANI!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack82

    What an overrated Madonna-wannabe she is! The sooner she disapears the better! We already have Madonna, the one thats been doing it all before GaGa!

  • Chris

    Twitter was never part of it….lol and clearly gaga isn’t going anywhere if tour sales are anything to go buy. There’s room for more than just one of them.

  • Evan

    I love Lady Gaga and I like Madonna, esp. her older stuff, but I must admit that some of their fans are crazy. I mean, why can’t others like both of them? As the person above said, they can co-exist. As for the crazy fans, I hope they start behaving because they’re a reflection of the rest of us fans and more importantly, a reflection of Gaga and Madonna. If they don’t, I hope Gaga and Madge put them in their place. The situation with the monsters who attacked Adele for her weight on twitter was really quite embarassing, esp. since Gaga loves Adele. Also, the outfit Gaga is wearing in this pic might be Versace but other outfits for the tour were designed by Armani, so it was an easy mistake for Idolator to make. Don’t be so quick to criticize. Peace

  • Kamron

    Britney Spears rocks!!! Gaga SuXS ughhh