StooShe Fall For A Monster In “Black Heart” Video

StooShe is back with a new video, and this one’s a lot more somber than the busy eye-popping visuals of “Love Me” — appropriate, since this is more a mournful take on love gone awry than the kind of frisky jam the ladies are known for.

In “Black Heart,” the trio channels The Supremes as old-school television performers whose personal lives reflect the song of heartbreak they’re singing. (There’s a guy in particular who seems to have done at least one of them wrong.) “Daddy, I’ve fallen for a monster,” the divas from South East London sing. “Somehow he’s scaring me to death.”

But even with that heavy subject matter and the title “Black Heart,” the video is gorgeously shot in vibrant colors. Unlike the no-good man the song’s about, this classy vid’s definitely a keeper.