The Wanted’s Tom Parker Sort Of Apologizes For His Christina Aguilera “Bitch” Comment

Last week the lads of The Wanted launched a war of the words with The Voice coach Christina Aguilera, following their apparently not-so-pleasant run in with the “Genie In A Bottle” songstress when they performed on the series. “She’s a bitch,” Tom Parker, a member of the boy band, said during an interview with New York radio station 92.3 NOW FM. “She might not be a bitch in real life, but to us she was a bitch.” But TMZ caught Tom outside Hollywood’s Mondrian Hotel over the weekend, and he appears to be singing a new tune about Xtina…somewhat. Catch his latest comments on her below.

“We shouldn’t have said it, to be honest with you,” Tom said to TMZ. But he immediately followed the apology up with this: “We just think manners cost nothing, you know what I mean? The rest of the judges were really nice. She didn’t really look at us or talk to us.”

Fair enough. But MTV News reports that Christina’s fans began flaming The Wanted online following the dropping of the B-word with regards to Aguilera. And when we posted the initial interview that caused all the drama, our readers appeared to take sides rather quickly.

“They have been rude about many acts in the UK so this is nothing new. Loud mouthed and arrogant group,” said Lucy W. about The Wanted.

Meanwhile, Preach It chimed in with this: “She has absolutely been being a bitch this season! Glad some celebrities are being honest about it and joining the thousands of viewers who think so too!”

Rich86 begged to differ, however: “Listen to those disrespectful talentless boys speaking, they have no manners and sounded drunk.”

Do you think Tom’s apology to Christina is acceptable enough for both the band and Xtina to move on and forget the incident? Let us know below, or on Facebook and Twitter.

[Via TMZ]

  • Kelly

    I think everyone should just move on. He apologized, he explained why he called her that, and he regrets saying it. The problem is that because of him, people are attacking the whole group, and I’ve met these boys before, more than once and I can say that they are not arrogant at all! They are very nice boys in fact!

  • suribyday

    These little boys better grow up & apologize. Christina hasn’t done anything wrong, they’re the one that disrespected a GROWN woman along every female fans of theres. They dare call a GROWN woman a “Bitch” for not talking to them. I’m curious did they reach out to her, did they introduce themselves & she gave them the cold shoulder. The Wanted, Christina wrote a song for little boys like you called “Can’t Hold Us Down”.

    • Christine Johnson

      Have you seriously been watching this season of the Voice. She has been an out right bitch all season. And tonight takes the cake. She belittled Adam’s Coaching Technical skills and The crap about her going up and hugging her performers like ms Damn i’m all that. I have to say I use to love Christina but she has lost my vote.

      • suribyday

        First of all: Yes I watched this whole season. Christina isn’t a BITCH, she said her opinion as she is paid to do! No she doesn’t sugar coat it. Adam is the WORST judge! Blake is the sweetest and Cee Lo And Christina are the pro’s when it comes down to vocal mentoring/judging! You have NEVER been a fan of Christina! If you were then you will remember Christina is FIRST & FOR MOST A SINGER! Christina is a DAMN AWESOME singer & lyricist. Christina has bad days, as do WE ALL! My problem is that those nasty pricks called her a BITCH! A grown woman of 31 been called a BITCH by teen boys. Those pricks just dissed most of there fan base as they are girls. The saddest part is that the little girls will side with them because they’re OH MY GOD SO HOT (girl shriek)!
        You just earned yourself a finger! Have a lovely F***ing day!

  • Tom

    So she’s a bitch for just “sitting there and looking scary”. Really? She did NOTHING different from Adam Levine and Cee-lo, but I guess since she’s a woman, she should have fawned all over them and acted like a school girl like J.LO did, then they would like her.
    They insulted Britney Spears , Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera. But she’s the bitch? lol.

    • Christine Johnson

      Seriously have you been watching the Show?? She has been and out right bitch all season. She talks down to the other coaches. Turns her nose up at there performers and acts like Ms Damn I’m all that putting herself in front of her own contestant’s when it supposed to be about them not her. Tonight’s show took the cake. Ick made me sick.

  • Kerry

    I always find it amazing how many people *don’t* think Christina is a bitch. I thought everyone knew?

    I’m not saying she’s a bitch for the reason’s The Wanted named, but for different reason’s. Like she is WAY to full of herself for one.

    I would like to add though that despite her unattractive attitude she can still sing circles around them. I think it’s great that The Wanted are voicing their opinion, but this is America dude. If you want to make it “big” you’ve got to learn to kiss a little ass along the way.

    • JJ

      It is as clear as day, Christina is and arrogant bitch!

    • JJ

      It is as clear as day, Christina is an arrogant bitch!

  • Xadax

    They can’t handle a strong woman like Xtina. Does she really need to take a moment & notice you with everything that was happening (I mean Team Xtina had better talent than the 5 of you).

  • shaye

    she a bitch. everyone’s said it. cry about it.

  • sara

    ilove you te wanted and like

  • Kendra

    Y’all can’t except the fact that he stated HIS opinion. You may think differently, but give him credit he seems like he wants to state what he feels. Is that so bad?

  • anna

    honestly, non of you can give an apinion, you don’t know what happened in detail. Only the envolved do. You also don’t know these people even if you think you do. Christina may be a bitch and the boys may be arrogant for all you know.

  • suani elizabeth

    hay dios migo que guapo te amo

  • suani elizabeth

    llo ablo en español no e ingles