Cheryl Cole’s “Call My Name” Video: Watch Her Bust A Move In A Reservoir

Cheryl Cole Call My Name music video
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For the most part, the teases we’ve seen for Cheryl Cole‘s “Call My Name” video gave away the most tantalizing bits of the clip: Cheryl’s tattoos on her thigh and backside peeking out from her barely-there shorts; the singer’s way-loud, multi-colored clothing draped over her shapely frame; her bumping, grinding and arching in the dank reservoir tunnels of Los Angeles. And just what is this scantily-clad Brit doing marching around in the seedier side of the city? Why, she’s meeting up with her crew of male dancers for a choreographed workout, naturally!

The song itself is definitely better than this video, and if we learn anything from this clip, it’s this: when you don’t have a huge budget, spend what you can on clothing, makeup and wigs, and make the most out of the artist’s ample curves.

That said, given the current dance-pop climate of US radio and the streak producer Calvin Harris is on, it’s not a stretch to imagine this becoming Cheryl’s breakthrough hit in the US.

“Call My Name” serves as the first single off Cole’s upcoming third LP A Million Lights (out June 18 in the UK).  The song’s music video was directed by Rich Lee.

  • jj

    wow every article on this site about cheryl cole has negativity or bitchy-ness in it. Hilarious really when you get people like paris hilton and kim kardashian who are worshipped in america.. and neither have the beauty or spunk Cheryl does.