Bobby Brown’s ‘Today’ Interview With Matt Lauer About Whitney Houston: Watch Part 2

May 3rd, 2012 // 2 Comments
Bobby Brown Today Show Matt Lauer Whitney Houston death May 2012
Part 2 Of Bobby Brown's 'Today' Interview With Matt Lauer
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Bobby Brown Whitney Houston Today Show Matt Lauer interview death May 2012
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In the second part of Bobby Brown‘s sit-down with Matt Lauer for the Today Show, Whitney Houston‘s ex-husband opened up about the fracas that was caused when he arrived at, and subsequently left, the “I Will Always Love You” singer’s funeral in February. “Whoever the security was there, asked me to have what they called my entourage — which was my children — sit somewhere else,” Brown explained. “We had to sit apart. And I was not willing to sit away from my children. So, after the third time of them coming to me I felt a little disrespected by the security that was there.”

Despite this, Brown told Lauer that he was absolutely invited to the funeral, and he described the Houstons as “a great family” that he appreciates “very much.”

Brown said he decided to leave the funeral early with his children, rather than be interrupted by the security detail again. “I kissed the casket and me and my children left the building,” he noted.

He goes on to explain that he’s tried to reach out to Whitney’s mother Cissy Houston, but he’s not heard back. Still, he maintains that it’s not because she doesn’t want to talk to him. “I know she’s going through it,” he said. “Deeply, deeply going through it. She lost her only daughter. I love her dearly and I’m here anytime she wants to talk.”

Lauer asked Brown if he’s currently clean and sober. The singer’s response: “I’m very much clean and sober from narcotics. I do drink. I’m not allowed to drink for the next 30 days. I do have a cocktail occasionally, you know. I will again, I know that. But I’m seven years clean from narcotics. I’m living the life that I want to live.”

As for Houston and Brown’s daugher Bobbi Kristina, Brown gushed that she’s a strong girl, and that “her mother taught her well.” Still, he says, she’s going through plenty of emotions. He also noted that he’s not concerned “right now” that his daughter may turn to drugs to ease her pain. “I think people are making assumptions of what my daughter is, how strong she is,” he told Lauer. “People tend to want to control strong-willed people. And that’s what I see.”

The Today host then grilled Brown on whether or not Bobbi Kristina is indeed dating her adopted brother Nick Gordon. “I don’t know about that,” he responded. “I don’t think so.”

At the end of the chat, Brown’s manager and fiancee Alicia Etheredge and his four other children sit with him and talk with Lauer about their father.

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  1. Matt Lauer should be ASHAMED of himself. Really, Matt…really?! Grilling Bobby in the wake of his ex-wife’s death? After all he had been thru AT the funeral?! You’re gonna turn this into some Barbara Walter’s special & start grilling him about his kids!!?! Trying to corner him with some allegations?! Who do you think you are you piece of #*!* !!! Have you no decency?!! The mother of his children just DIED!! Couldn’t those questions wait for another day?? Or were you just trying to be “bold” & “edgy”? Matt is a douche!!! …What a punk! It Illustrates PERFECTLY everything that is wrong with mainstream media today!

    • Messa

      While, I have never been a fan of Mr. Bobby Brown, I found myself defending his behavior following the death of Whitney Houston and the media’s brutal assassination of Brown’s character. I am please that Mr. Lauer had the compassion, courage, and integrity to show Mr. Brown and his children in a positive light. Thank you Mr. Lauer for your interview.

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