Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” Video Premieres: What Happened To The Original Concept?

justin bieber boyfriend video
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The original concept for Justin Bieber‘s “Boyfriend” video, under the direction of Colin Tilley, included the 18-year-old singer being groped by several female handsdancing in front of a large white spotlight a la Michael Jackson, posing menacingly in front of a fire and floating underwater. It was quite ominous and abstract, but visually striking and a much more mature feeling than what we expected from Bieber. Maybe a little bit too mature, since the singer scrapped all that in favor of riding around in cars and having a rooftop dance party with a Selena Gomez-look-alike. 

In his post-premiere MTV interview, Bieber claimed he “changed things up” from the scenes he teased to the public, wording it in a way that it might seem he was punking us all the whole time. (A few of those icy blue scenes managed to make the cut, briefly appearing on a cell phone screen at the beginning of the clip.) Though neither Bieber nor MTV went into detail about why the original concept and director were changed at the last minute, we wouldn’t be surprised if it were due to the original scenes being bit too sophisticated and adult for Bieber’s pre-teen audience.

Director X, who helmed the second and final version of “Boyfriend”, says as much. “It was just cars and the simplicity that they liked,” he told MTV. “Cars, girls, just young people hanging out, having fun, that kind of thing. When I heard it, I thought that’s what it should be… From what they wanted to do with Justin and the song and who he is and his age now, I thought that was it. They should expect the Justin they know, just a little more grown-up.”

We’d be amiss to ignore the fact that this concept for “Boyfriend” strikes a significant similarity to *NSYNC‘s “Girlfriend” video (a fact which Sway even points out to Bieber during his Q&A). Does this make the two videos a couple?


What do you think of “Boyfriend”? Would you rather they had stuck with the original concept, or is the final version the way it should have always been? Let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.


  • Elijah

    The original video clips, combined with the single itself, made me think that the Biebs was on the cusp of filling the pop music void left by that OTHER Justin. The final product, though? No. It doesn’t really fit the song, and it’s nowhere near as cool as the previous version of the vid. Bad move, Justin.

    • #Team Breezy!

      I Soooooo agree!! Da way it looked lik on da teasers….it looked so good!!! Da song wuz good n I thought jb wuz jus gettin good…damn…lol but soo true

  • Fiyah

    Feel free to check out my parody of Boyfriend as well http://youtu.be/LMtOdxpo1GA

  • Frank

    As a fan I was legitimately excited for this video as it was originally portrayed. The teasers promised something artistic, interesting and gutsy but I see he decided to cop out at the last minute with the ‘cars and babes’ trope. I’m genuinely disappointed. I thought the point of this new release was to set himself apart as an artist, not lump himself in with a tired hip hop cliche. It’s certainly not what MJ would have done.

  • Mermaid

    Frank! Well put my friend!

  • Bethany

    Franco +1

  • Bethany

    Frank +1

  • Yaya Ktv

    He went from an interesting video to a NSYNC remake. Big mistake, now the JT comparison will go on..

  • Naomi

    I pressed the thumbs down button on Frank’s comment on accident. I meant to say thumbs up because I agree with you. My bad! Frank +1.

  • chelsie

    hi my name is chelsie and i love jb lots

  • justin bradford

    hey we used to be best friends in toronto canada

  • josh bieber

    me and justin bieber are good cousine

  • sonia

    i love so much justin

  • Honey Joshi

    Can anyone tell me that what was mobile used in boyfriend’s video i’ll give that mobile to girlfriend……………………!

  • Anna

    love that song!