Cassie & Young Jeezy Engage In Some Serious PDA On “Balcony”

Cassie goes way up high on new slow jam “Balcony”, featuring Young Jeezy as her male amour who doesn’t mind getting caught doin’ the nasty on a balcony overlooking Times Square. No, seriously: “We made love on my balcony, right there in New York City / I saw the tourists staring back at me, at Times Square in New York City”, she sings in monotone, barely showing any enthusiasm while describing her kinky sexual experience. (Guess he wasn’t that good?) Listen to the (tagged) track below. Would you dare be so adventurous? 


  • Jed

    I like Cassie, but to borrow the title of her 2006 single, she has a “a long way to go.” Her songs, aside from “Me&You” and “King of Hearts” seem so mediocre. She seems to be languishing, releasing all these songs to create some buzz but ultimately go nowhere. I’m eager to hear her new album but I feel like it’s never going to see the light of day much like Nicole Scherzinger, JoJo, Missy Elliot, Eve or to a extremely lesser degree, Paris Hilton. They all seem to be due to release an album but nothing’s happened.