Scissor Sisters’ New Song “Let’s Have A Kiki”: Listen

May 7th, 2012 // 5 Comments
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Scissor Sisters Lets Have A Kiki

After the majestic euphoria of “Only The Horses”, the Scissor Sisters are heading back to their sleazy selves for “Let’s Have A Kiki”, a buzz single off their upcoming LP Magic Hour. The track begins with a lengthy spoken intro of a highly annoyed (and annoying) woman leaving a voicemail for her friend, with the Scissters finally coming in, demanding, “Let’s have a kiki!”

So what is a “kiki”? Ana Matronic explains it “a party for calming all your nerves.” Urban Dictionary tell us it means “to get overly excited catching up with your girlfriends”. It’s apparently also a slang term for a woman’s nether-regions in the Philippines, and yet others we’ve talked to say it’s a nickname for cocaine. Maybe it’s all of these things and none of these things at the same time? Whatever it means, you can listen to it below.

Scissor Sisters – “Let’s Have A Kiki”

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  1. Justin M.

    Ha ha…I love the Scissor Sisters!!! Magic Hour is going to be amazing!!!! Funky awesomeness!!!

  2. Jonathan

    “Kiki” is also a slang term that was used in early 20th-century American lesbian and gay communities to refer to women who were neither butch nor femme in terms of gender presentation and/or sexual role.

    I feel almost certain that it’s a meaning of which our beloved Sisters are aware.

    Can’t wait for the album!

  3. Nate

    Counting down to the new Scissor Sisters and Gossip albums! See the brilliant new Gossip video, Perfect World.

  4. Andi

    Kiki is drag queen sex/a drag queen party, and the voice at the beginning is a drag queen phoning her friend: it’s a man’s voice on the answer machine, but the ‘woman’ calling tells her friend to ‘put on your heels!’. There’s quite a lot of drag references in the song: wigs, ‘hunty’, ‘What’s the T’…

  5. whambs


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