Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’: Check Out New Tracks & Adam’s Twitter Q&A

We’ve pretty much been listening to Adam Lambert‘s Trespassing all day long, as the pop star’s sophomore album is currently streaming on Adam’s official site. To mark the occasion of his music finally reaching his fans’ ears, Lambert did a Q&A on Twitter this afternoon, answering his followers’ many queries — including what he thinks of Justin Bieber‘s Believe album cover art, which shares a similar design to his own album cover. Head below for Adam’s comments, as well as a few standout tracks from Trespassing that we just can’t get out of our head.

Some highlights from Adam’s Twitter Q&A:

:: Adam says he is “relieved” and “flattered” at all the praise his album is getting.

:: His favorite song to record was “Shady”: “Shady was fun. Sam [Sparro] is hilarious. Nile [Rodgers] is a class act. A legend.”

:: About track “Chokehold”, Adam says, “It was written about a few past relationships. Had a tendency of getting involved w emotionally manipulative and unavail guys…. after much heartache, I realized this was MY issue, not theirs. I was subconsciously inviting that in cuz of low self worth.”

:: That is indeed Pharrell singing the “come on”s and “whoa”s in “Kickin’ In.”

:: So which track does Adam’s boyfriend Sauli love the most? “Sauli gets down to the pharrell tracks but loves them all,” Ad says.

:: A fan asks if he saw the cover of Justin Bieber‘s Believe, which has a similar design to Adam’s cover art. “Haha prob unintentional,” he says. “But a marketing blunder nonetheless.”

:: Just in case anyone saw that as a diss to The Bieb, Adam follows with a compliment to the 18-year-old pop star. “I Really like the ‘Boyfriend’ single. Great tune, great vocal vibe. Hats off to a talented artist.” (No wonder this guy was crowned the nicest guy on Twitter.) When one fan seemed utterly distraught that Adam listens to Bieber, he replied, “I listen to good music. My ears don’t discriminate. :) a great song is a great song.”

We’ve listened to the album a few times now, and we’re eating it up. Here’s a few of the standouts, that range from thumping dance tunes to heartbreaking ballads — yes, the man can do it all. (Make sure you go listen to the whole thing at Adam’s official site, and pick up the LP when it drops on May 15.)

Adam Lambert – “Kickin’ In”

Adam Lambert – “Broken English”

Adam Lambert – “Runnin'”

Adam Lambert – “Outlaws Of Love”