Cee Lo Green Reps ‘The Voice’ On ‘Parks And Rec’

Tuesday night’s (May 8) Season 2 finale of The Voice wasn’t just about crowning a winner. It wasn’t even about the big-name guest performances by Justin Bieber, Lady Antebellem, Flo Rida and Hall and Oates. The real reason you were watching that show? For the sweet, sweet cross-promotion of NBC’s summer lineup. But hey, we’re not complaining!

Part of that subliminal marketing strategy involved a hilarious skit featuring the cast of one of our favorite shows, Parks and Recreation. In it, the curmudgeonly Ron Swanson gets his hands on one of The Voice‘s famous swiveling chairs, and the public servants of Pawnee rely on coach Cee Lo Green to talk him out of wielding its powers for evil. Watch the clip above and tell us if you were as impressed by Cee Lo’s deadpan as we were.