Owl City’s “Take It All Away” Off ‘Shooting Star’ EP: Idolator Premiere

It’s only been 11 months since the release of Owl City‘s last album, All Things Bright And Beautiful, but the prolific Adam Young has been hard at work in the meantime, crafting his upcoming LP (due out this summer). And before that, his Shooting Star EP will be made available this coming Tuesday (May 15).

As an appetizer, we’re premiering Owl City’s new song “Take It All Way” off the EP. It’s a slow-burning jam that features building chords atop a boom-clap beat, a sunny melody and Young’s soaring tenor on the chorus. Get your first listen of the track below!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the listening period for “Take It All Away” has now ended. But you can purchase the song on iTunes beginning May 15.

For his new material, one-man band Owl City did something unusual for him: he turned to other writers and producers to collaborate with.

“Over the past several years become fascinated with trying to capture magic in a jar through simple, concise pop songs,” Young says. “I saw it as a great challenge to try to come up with catchy, unique, and memorable songs because it was a new method of songwriting I’d never approached before. I believe artists should never look back or repeat themselves and this was a new frontier for me.”

This new frontier involved working on his upcoming LP with Reliant K frontman Matt Thiessen, Grammy-winning producers Stargate and the team of Josh Crosby, Nate Campany, and Emily Wright.

“I made my first two records on my own without any outside help and learned that it’s easy to overthink what you do by allowing yourself to become too emotionally invested in what you’re doing,” Young says. “Initially, l was anxious about letting other people the solo endeavor l’d always played close to the chest, but it was exhilarating not having 100 percent control over what happened. In the end for me, it’s all about trying new things as an artist.”

As for “Take It All Away”, the song was co-produced by Adam and KoOol Kojack, and he co-wrote it with Allan P. Grigg, Nate Campany and Emily Wright. (You can also hear new song “Gold” over at Celebuzz).

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    Dear Adam Randal Young,
    You are my greatest inspiration in life.
    I can’t even count how many times you have unknowingly saved me.

  • Joshua Tarburz Steinhauser

    Fantastic!!! I’m in love for sure. thank you so much for enjoying what you do and caring about your music more than the paycheck.

  • Ryan

    I love Owl City but this song sounds like a 90s boyband :/

  • nicolas

    awesome Adam simply awesome

  • jose

    awesome :D greetings from peru

  • Gingie

    I love owl city music, it always makes me happen even on my worst days. I want to marry you Adam Young. You are a ray of sunshine in this cloudy world. I dont know where i would be with out your music.

  • OC Love


  • Coyla Coblentz

    This has an Owl City flavor whilst also feeling completely different. I want the new CD in my hands right now! Gimmie!

  • ILY

    RIP old OC. Don’t get me wrong, the new music is GREAT, but I feel as if you’re trying to make music that sells instead of music that comes from your quirky soul. I miss “Vanilla Twilight” and “Shy Violet”. Please don’t change to fit in. Stay true!! :(

  • Me

    We want Owl City back please… Crazy songs with jumbled lyrics that somehow make everything better.

  • MecDjino

    I don’t think it’s bad. And the change isn’t horrible. He’s just very creative and wants to share that with everyone.

  • UOhe

    Sounds just like Katy Perry.

  • Caroline

    I didn’t hear anyone complain when he came out with Sky Sailing. That was a different style than Ocean Eyes etc. Heck even ATBAB was kinda different. So what he wants to try different music? He doesn’t have to stay inside a little nut shell and repetitively make similar songs to each previous album with the exact same style!

    • Conflicted…

      The reason people are complaining is because this is SOOO different. If it weren’t there wouldn’t be complaints. But, he is proud of this. If he is proud, who are we to judge?

  • Sietse

    people saying he makes this different music because he wants to sell music should read his blogs. come on. i have to admit i like this less than the other albums, but don’t say stupid things. anyways, Everything Adam Young makes is brilliant!

  • buges

    It definately is a different style of music. It’s probably my least favorite though… I’m sorry. I do love owl city. I just miss the style where he was an average guy in a basement experiencing with dreams and music and all happy thoughts. Now some of his music is about breakups and his voice surprisingly sounds a lot deeper than compared to ocean eyes. But, if I had to choose a favorite on this EP, I am in love with “gold” and “shooting star”. It has a touch of the oldies in it.

  • tyler

    i absolutely love it! I can’t wait for the album! SHOOTING STAR will rock the world!

  • Raymond

    the song inspires me to love again….. it makes my eyes go to tears

  • Olivia

    I’m literally smiling while listening to this song! Grinning like a madwoman in love

  • Olivia

    I appreciate that you are trying new approaches but just to let you know Adam, your songs were already nice when you made them on your own… your deep metaphors… it shaped your music. Even if I didn’t understand the lyrics before… I loved it, because of the creativity hidden within the song

  • Olivia

    …Not saying I hate the new songs — Love them just as much as I love Fireflies still! There was still a hint of you in there when I heard the new songs:) I’ll support you no matter what your decision is. You are a strong person Adam! I’ve never met anyone like you (Sorry! I’m sounding cheesy >___

  • Kat

    I miss his music that he made by himself. OWL CITY HAS BEEN TAINTED BY OTHERS! UGH! Its an alright song but i cant listen to it over and over wondering what it means and then finaly peicing it together in multiple ways! Its so straight forward now. Its sounding more and more like everyone elses music every album. He says hes “not as emotionally invested as he used to be” anyone else think that’s bad? Thats what music is! Having it be what you want it to be 100% of the way. Honestly, i lost a lot of respect for Adam recently and i dont know if i can get his new album. To repetitive and mainstream.

  • Ivan Sazhin

    Owl city style is now totally different, I don’t like it at all. Check out the video on youtube called “Farewell, good old Owl city”, it’s pretty nice

  • Moi


  • Allan

    Sounds like a rip off of radio killed the radio star but not as good….

    This isn’t owl city anymore….

  • Allan



    On the controvery: This is differnt, and i can’t say I agree all the way. However. this is 4 of as many as 20 songs. also, he’s alowed to try out diffent things. So don’t freak out, ok?

  • Lyric

    I like this… It’s not the old Owl City, but the old OC was very repetitive. I love the old OC, but it was just different words set to the same tune but at a different tempo. These are awesome Owl City! Keep going!

  • Angelica

    I CAN’T. I can’t sit here and pretend… that this doesn’t bother me. Adam, your music has saved me so much. this change, I don’t know. I will support you with ANYTHING YOU DO. I owe you everything, i owe you my life. But honestly, the lyrics aren’t you. the sound is you, (kinda?) but lyrics. what happened to the lyrics that reached down from the sky and took me somewhere i can’t even describe? what happened to those. i don’t understand.

  • HootOwlForever

    I Will First Admit That This Is A Little Different Than What Adam

  • HootOwlForever

    It IS Different But I Dont Care I Will Make My Final Judgement When The Whole Album Is Realeased .Im Sure He’ll Have Something Like His Old MUsic. He Treis To Please Everyone But Its Not Always Possible. I Will Support Him So Matter What God Bless Adam R. Young :)

  • Ej Gestiada


  • Sahiba

    These new four songs are great trance-type tunes. I know Adam is really getting into trance music (everyone goes through phases) and I’m really liking how he’s experimenting with it. However, I have to say that I’m already missing the lines upon lines of awesomely abstract lyrics that made me stop and think, and fit my every mood.
    In saying that, I have always thoroughly enjoyed all of Adam’s music (from all his projects), still do, and will never cease doing so! Adam is such a gem.
    “And I’ll forget the world that I knew, but I swear I won’t forget you… “

  • leslie

    this album is going to be so different that what is regular of him. this is going to be interresting!!! :3

  • Jinx

    C’mon, guys. I really don’t understand why everyone is complaining about this music. Yes, it’s different than the old ones; and I ALWAYS enjoy listening to his lyrics that make no sense to me, but always lift my spirits. But this is still Adam! Just because a couple of these new songs are a little different (I honsetly don’t see a big difference), doesn’t mean he’s not still Adam. I still, and always will find his songs truely insipirng and from the heart. I remember when I first heard All Things Bright and Beautiful: I thought it was WAY different than his others. And it took me a while to get used to him yelling a lot, but I love them just as I love his other songs. As far as I’m concerned, Adam should keep his music coming! I hope he never loses ideas!!

  • CharlenePaulette

    I love all the new songs thus far. Adam is brilliant and creates something new with every single album. He likes to keeps things new and interesting, so to say that this is not as good as the “old” Owl City is not fair to the type of artist Adam is. His music never has nor does now fit into a spefic mold that people can classify as his “old” or “new” style. Adam’s music is Adam’s music, plain and simple. Its beautiful :)

  • yEYE

    Adam is a leyend ……in all the world ♥

  • Erica

    At first, to me, this song and the rest on the EP sounded so very different from anything Adam Young has come up with yet. But like every song, I decided to give it a chance. I played the songs over and over again, listening very hard to them; the sounds, the effects, his voice, the lyrics…
    If you listen really hard and put aside your original doubt for just a little while, you find it. Deep down within those songs you can hear the heart of what Owl CIty is still beating strong. The soul of his style and the magic he brings is still there; you just have to listen for it, instead of saying its not there anymore. Its like not believing in Santa Claus; if you don;t believe, he won’t come.

    Now that I can hear Adam Young’s heart and soul still being poured into this music, I love it to bits. Yes, it does sound different; but change can be a good thing, and Adam has the right to try something new. He might stick with this style, or he might not, or he may do something even more different next time. Get over it. Creative individuals like to explore, and I know that for a fact, because I consider myself a rookie of a visual artist, and trying new things has always been a fun challenge.

    Give the man a break, people. If you can’t accept that Adam is expanding and exploring, that’s fine with me; but don’t hate on him. Haters stick out form the crowd, and you’re all just pressuring him to do something that he might not want to do right now. Just chill. :)

  • charky

    Guys, guys, calm down, don’t get your underwear in a twist.
    This is just one song, there’s a whole album yet, nobody’s saying it’ll all be the same…

  • JD

    Why are people so afraid of change? Artists who never evolve and grow get boring. Adam/Owl City is not that. People need to grow up. (Perhaps that’s the point. All the complainers are probably 11-year-olds who want a replica of Fireflies every 5 minutes.)

  • IIDX

    I’m a huge fan of Adam and his music. It doesn’t leave me blind to the fact that this is typical top 40s radio music. You don’t have to believe in everything he does and I’m learning that the hard way. This will be the first Owl City release I won’t purchases after owning his entire discography. Adam is too intellectual and creative to not be at the helm of this new LP but the record company isn’t interested in more listeners. They are interested in customers and that’s a fact. Looking forward to Adam making a glorious return to music when he decides to create a KickStarter and work solo again.

  • Crystal May

    i have some mixed feelings about this new EP.

    the part of me that wants to stay a true Owl City fan wants to keep loving every Owl City song that comes out and over look this new change. however i can’t entirely ignore it, i tried to, and im certainly not saying his new music is bad, its just not as good as it used to be. i miss the whimsical magical feel of his lyrics, i dont mind the music itself though, in fact i like the new feel, its the lyrics that bother me.

    however despite this i dont hate it, i still support Adam and i WILL buy this new EP as soon as i get the money too. i do like the new songs but just not as much as the old ones. however i don’t truly believe Adam would ever change for other people, contrary to what many believe i dont think he changed to fit into mainstream or get more money or anything. i believe that this is what he truly wanted to do, he’s proud of it, happy with it, and if this new style is what he wants to go with then i support him. worse than Adam changing his style to please others is him reverting to an old style that he wishes to move away from. i would never ask him to be anyone but himself, even if his new music isn’t as good, its not awful and still has some magic in it so its still good. i miss his old style, but lets let him explore new areas as he always has.

    also there is one more thing, what if this was just him experimenting with new styles temporarily? keep in mind this is JUST an EP, from what i know an EP isn’t a full album. who knows? maybe his actual album will be a return to that old style we all know and love, perhaps with some of this new style mixed in? it will be different but just wait and see.

  • Vanessa

    I have to say I’m very disappointed that he changed his songs for money. That was “true” music but you know enjoy being drooled over by mainstream girls.