‘American Idol’: Hollie Gets Voted Off, David Cook Sings And Jennifer Lopez Dances Again

May 11th, 2012 // 11 Comments
Jennifer Lopez American Idol Dance Again
Watch J.Lo Dancing... Again
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And then there were three! Our apologies to Hollie Cavanagh, who was voted off during last night’s American Idol results show, but there was pretty much no way she had a shot at the Top 3 when pitted against the likes of Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips and the pint-sized powerhouse that is Jessica Sanchez, our frontrunner to win the whole thing. Actually, maybe Jennifer Lopez should win this season of Idol? Her performance of her new single “Dance Again” (or as the bottom of our TV screen wrote it, “#DanceAgain”) was pretty on point, even if it was sorely lacking in Pitbull. She looked like she had a blast singing and dancing on stage, which is more joyful than we would have looked if we found out Britney Spears was getting $15 freaking million for The X Factor. (Oh wait, her number was pre-taped last week. That explains it!)

Wednesday’s California-themed performance night was a pretty good indication that the group number would be Cali-related as well, and so it was: the Top 4 performed the Mamas And The Papas‘ “California Dreaming”, but don’t you so wish they had busted out Tupac‘s “California Love” instead? We wouldn’t even need a hologram to make that entertaining (though you’ll never catch us saying no to an offered hologram).

And is it just us (it’s not), or is it super weird that they are performing this on a red carpet? We understand that red carpets obviously tie into Hollywood, and the song is about California, but man, this song is just too dreary.

Top 4 Idols – “California Dreaming” (Live On American Idol)

Opening Number – California Dreamin – American… by IdolxMuzic

Next we get the behind-the-scenes of this week’s Ford commercial, because the only thing that’s more of a time-waster than watching a Ford music video during a primetime show is watching how that terrible commercial got made.

Wait, we were wrong – a bigger time-waster is watching clips of the contestants’ performances from the night before and reiterating what the judges’ exact thoughts were. Does anyone out there only watch the American Idol results episodes? Because those are the only types of people we can imagine would need such an in-depth recap of something that happened literally 24 hours earlier.

We digress. While the show continued procrastinating what could literally take two seconds to tell us, David Cook returned to the Idol stage to perform his new single “The Last Song I’ll Write For You”. The good news is that Idol keeps inviting him back to perform four years past his championing season. The bad news is that David revealed to Shirley Halperin of The Hollywood Reporter that he no longer has a record deal with RCA, and his song is self-released.

This is what you have to look forward to, Season 11 winner! What we’re saying it: save your cash.

David Cook – “The Last Song I’ll Write For You” (Live On American Idol)

David Cook – The Last Song I’ll Write For You -… by IdolxMuzic

Phillip² and Hollie ended up in the Bottom 2, and after what may have been the seventeenth commercial break, it was time to tell Hollie the inevitable: she’s going home, and Jessica will win Season 11 of American Idol. Well, they didn’t say that in so many words, but we hope so, anyway. Pre-teen girls of the world voting for hours upon hours for the cutest boy, can you throw the ladies a bone and have Jess win this one so we don’t get our fifth male winner in a row? Thanks in advance.

Did you think Hollie would be sent home this week? (Of course you did.) Sound off in the comments, or on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Diane

    Total joke last night on american idol… Hollie is way better than Jessica.. too bad you didn’t treat her the same ( come back next year ) UGH.. such favoritism… and I’m not buying the voting system at all!!! Done with american bs !

    • John

      DIane , you are obviously blinded by your sexual desires for Holliw,, because any other man or woman can clearly see how Hollie Lacks in the vocal talent department,, to say the she is better than Jessica is crazy, retarded , maybe your just plain blinded by lust, maybe your ears need an enema, I dont know but I surely know that Hollie was the weakest contestant out of the top 12 and so does most other people, maybe you are tone deaf?

      • sandra

        if these are the types of fans that Jessica attracts then I’ll stick with the Hollie fans. Hollie was the best.

  2. Diane

    Oh one more thing.. I loved how jennifer lip synced the whole performance..lol.. joke!!!

  3. Rusty

    I love how nearly every performance by the contestants is better singing than the lip-synching we see from Jennifer Lopez.

  4. Elaine

    The judges ganged up on poor Hollie and we all knew who would get voted off. Shame on the judges! She worked very hard to improve herself. Unlike Phillips who doesn’t do much, but is enjoying a free ride on the shoulders of the young girls that watch the show. If you find that goofball sexy then you girls have no taste or are too young to know better! They always judge him on a much lower standard than the other singers. Hollie’s voice is much better and stronger than Phillip Phillips yet the judges continue to give him and us b.s. They keep him on because the majority of voters, the young, impressionable girls want him there! His songs are all sung in the same, monotonous tone because he doesn’t have a big voice like the others. He knows it! After American Idol Phillips will end up back in the pawn shop because he doesn’t have the voice or star quality to make it in showbiz. The judges and Jimmy know that. Good Luck to Jessica and Joshua. I hope Jessica wins, but Joshua is very talented too and both of them will succeed in the music industry. We need Simon Cowell back to give constructive crticism to help the contestants. He knows talent when he sees and hears it. American Idol has become a show where the judges and singers have all become performers. Where are the judges???

  5. Susan

    Oh he’ll- I’ll say it the best part of the evening was David Cook back on the Idol stage – i Love his new song “the Last Song I’ll write for You” -he should have played 2 songs and really Rocked that Idol stage like he does in Concert- so awesome.

  6. Music Lover

    Are you insane? Ledet sounds like every other performer in his genre. Worse yet, he doesn’t sing half the time. He just yells and screams at different pitches. It is the same performance every week. Sanchez tries too hard to sound big and more mature than she is. Phillips has a natural cohesiveness in his performances week to week. If I were looking for a enjoyable concert experience, Phillips is the only one of the three I can envision delivering it. I can’t see ledet or Sanchez putting together 90 – 120 minutes that entertains and explores different emotions the way a memorable concert should.

    He wasn’t my favorite originally, but I believe Phillips has the best chance to make a career out of the experience. Hope he doesn’t win and get the requisite over-produced crap album released most winners wind up with.

  7. BK

    David Cook sucks big time. The has been bar singer was dropped by his label. Lol!

    • ssg

      David Cook ROCKS big time — I love his new song, as well as his latest album!! He’s also got a HUGE heart — and gives back through charity events galore!

  8. Rhonda Summerlin

    Well clearly Joshua owned the stage last night! He is unbelievably talented and I think he has come into his own before our very eyes this season. He was not my favorite but I am so proud for him and believe he will go far with his talent. Somewhere I read he didn’t own the rights to “It’s a Man’s World”. Well Baby, he owned it last night! Good Luck and best wishes to you Joshua.

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