Adam Lambert Takes Idolator’s This Is Your Career! Quiz

Adam Lambert Trespassing
We Quiz Adam On His Career!
Probably the biggest perk of our job is getting the chance to hang with the tremendously talented and absolutely delightful Adam Lambert, with whom we’ve hob-knobbed and rubbed elbows on more than one occasion. Tomorrow (May 15), the man known as Glambert will finally unleash upon the world his sophomore offering, Trespassing, an album we’ve been listening to practically non-stop since he set up a stream on his website.

Since we’ve been following Adam’s career from the very start, we wanted to see if the pop star was paying as much attention as we were. Watch above to see if Glambert could recall his past Idol experiences, if he was on-point with his chart history, and if he knew other obscure tid-bits from his time in the spotlight.

Do you know more about Adam’s career than he does? Tell us your score in the comments below, or on Twitter and Facebook. And treat yourself to some of the best pop tunes of the year by picking up Trespassing this week.

  • Melissa Pauls

    lol that was so qt!

    I just love him

  • Terry

    Awwww he’s a little sweety – well not so little. He’s really tall apparently LOL But Adam the AMA’s viewership dropped because 1. the acts were boring compared to the previous year ;) and 2. Every glambert in the universe boycotted the show and said so because of their continuing ban on YOU!

  • Chris Y

    Further to Terry’s 2 factors for AMA drop in viewership: 3) Adam’s VH1 Behind The Music was on at the same time!! \o/

  • Mad

    so adorable!

  • Sharon Miller Sullivan

    Thank you for this fun Quiz you gave to Adam. I knew all but one answer Poland I think he also hit #1 in all European countries. Can’t wait to see how his new single and future singles do worldwide.

  • jacki

    I thought WWFM was #1 in Australia too.

  • theo

    Gah! He’s so cute!

  • michele

    awww he’s so cute! :)

  • Georgia

    Great and fun quiz! Adam is second to none!
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    your readers? I had ordered the cd/dvd box set
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    disappointed it hurts, having been waiting with
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    Trespassing. If someone ordered an extra set
    I would pay them, of course, to have the
    opportunity of enjoying the magic that only
    Adam can create, and which seems at this
    moment to be lost, through no fault of my own.
    Thank you very much.

    • Sharon Miller Sullivan

      Have you checked on they did have the set for sale?

  • Georgia

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  • Maria Lucia

    Dammit Adam I can’t quit you.

  • gosiaqq

    Poland yesss!!!! We waiting for you :)

  • Georgia

    To Martha Montes-Ciccone
    My name is Georgia. I read your comments
    from Feb. 20, 2012 where you mention you
    purchases 2 Trespassing items for yourself
    and will give some more to family. Do you mean
    the Trespassing box set cd/dvd which includes
    the lithographs? If yes, and one box set is still
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