Far East Movement And Tyga Blast Their Boomboxes In “Dirty Bass” Video

May 11th, 2012 // Comment
Far East Movement Dirty Bass music video Tyga
FM & Tyga Dig That "Dirty Bass"
Where's Bieber?
Justin is absent from FM's "Live My Life" vid. Read More »

Far East Movement are all about (what else?) girls, cars, boomboxes and the L.A. nightlife in their video for “Dirty Bass”, the title track from their upcoming album (out June 5). The crew employ fellow Angeleno Tyga for a few verses in the flashy Transparent Agency-directed clip, which is just one of the collaborations FM have on their new LP. (Justin Bieber appears on previous single “Live My Life”, while Rye Rye rocks a rap on “Jello” and Pitbull is on “Candy”.) That said, we’re not really sure how these guys have any time to record music with all the partying they purport to be doing.


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