Garbage Explain “Sugar” in Mini-Video: Idolator Premiere

Garbage Sugar mini film video documentary Not Your Kind Of People
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As they did with Not Your Kind Of People album track “Big Bright World”, Garbage shot a mini video for “Sugar”, and we’re proud to premiere it — just a day before the album’s May 15 release. The moody track, created by Garbage multi-instrumentalist Duke Erikson, is one of the more slowed-down numbers on the band’s eagerly awaited fifth studio album. “It’s just about being lonely and desperate,” Erikson explains. “It’s somewhat personal, but it’s also kind of a third person narrative, as well.”

In keeping with Not Your Kind Of People‘s visuals thus far, the “Sugar” video treads the thin line between noir and goth chic. Click play above to get a sweet taste of the song.

“I had a few verses and Shirley [Manson] completed it,” Erikson says of the lyrics to “Sugar”. He goes on to add that “her vocal on it is quite amazing.”

Of course, Duke may have hatched the idea for “Sugar”, but, as he explains, “I think by the time any song is completed in a Garbage record, no matter who brought it, it’s no longer theirs.”

What do you think of this clip of Garbage’s new song “Sugar”? Will you be picking up a copy of Not Your Kind Of People tomorrow? Let us know below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Mark Ó Cíosóigaigh

    Would be my favourite track on the record, if it weren’t so badly mastered. It should be sweet and delicate, like The Trick Is To Keep Breathing, but Emily Lazar EQ’d the hell out of everything and ruined all of the song’s dynamics. It ends up sounding so flat and weak – which is why I take it that they (whoever “they” are – the people making the video) decided on using an instrumental version. Emily Lazar: 2 and 0 for badly mastered Garbage albums.