Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’ Expected To Debut At #1, But Don’t Get Too Excited

We’ve got some good news, and we’ve got some bad news for all you Glamberts out there: Adam Lambert‘s sophomore album Trespassing is expected to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 next week! Unfortunately, Lambert’s success might be bittersweet, as his LP is only expected to sell somewhere between 70,000 and 80,000 units, making it the smallest sum to hit #1 since August 2011, when Adele‘s 21 sold 76,000 in its 12th non-consecutive week at the top of the charts.

There’s also a chance 21 or Carrie Underwood‘s Blown Away could walk away with sales way past 70,000, leaving Trespassing to settle for a lower spot. (Both singers’ albums moved over 100,000 copies each last week, though Mother’s Day-related sales may have boosted their numbers.)

The expected first-week sales of Trespassing are also a far cry from those of his previous album. Lambert released his debut LP For Your Entertainment in 2009 during the busy Thanksgiving shopping week. The disc debuted at #3 with 198,000 copies sold, and was denied the top spot by releases from Susan Boyle and Andrea Bocelli.

Sales numbers nonewithstanding, if Adam’s album did hit #1, it wouldn’t just be a career high for the pop star — it would be a milestone for gay artists. According to an article in The Village Voice, no single-artist title credited to an out gay performer has ever hit the top spot on the charts. (The article points out that many artists whose albums have hit #1 in the past have come out of the closet in the following  years, but they were not out when their album topped the charts.)

We’d love to see more out gay artists finding success on the charts (or more out gay artists in general), but we wouldn’t suggest you pick up Adam’s album because you want to help the gay rights movement — pick it up because it’s actually quite good.

[Via Billboard]

  • EmyR

    To be fair, if Adele hadn’t been around the last skewing numbers up, this would be an average or moderately high number. #2 numbers for most weeks are much lower than the average from two years ago.

  • Melissa Pauls

    Statistics are a funny thing. Adele’s constant topping of the chart for ages with eye popping numbers has skewed that top number upwards this year, during times that are normally a fallow sales period.

    I don’t even care how the media spins it though, if Adam actually manages sneak past Adele and Carrie and hit #1 it will be an achievement no one can take away from him. Brb cranking Trespassing loud in my apt to indoctrinate my neighbors with the infectious booty shakin awesomeness so they all feel the subconscious urge to buy it.

  • New York

    What a shame Country Music takes over so much in America. And a female singer from the UK is given more attention then someone as brilliant and talented as Adam Lambert.
    He sings circles around both! I don’t even want to hear about striking a blow for gay rights.
    Don’t care….HE IS AMAZING AND DESERVES TO SELL SO MUCH MORE AND BE CELEBRATED…plus this article was snarky.. whatever

    • Becky Bain

      Are you saying American singers should be celebrated and promoted more than British singers here in the US… unless they’re country artists? How else should the music industry adapt to your personal tastes?

      • Sharon Miller Sullivan

        I think you misunderstood the person from NY’s comment I think she was saying that it’s difficult for most artists in the US to make it to top of BB unless they are Country Music artists and that it’s a shame that an artist from the UK is given more attention here in the US than someone like Adam who is more vocally talented than either Carrie or Adele and I have to agree with person from NY. Adam is in another league from these two artists not that they aren’t good singers they are but it’s tough for artists in pop or rock music to make it here in US.

        • Drew Park

          You ladies should be ashamed of yourselves. Who cares whether Adele is British or whatever? She is a songwriter, and has put out amazing albums. Whether you think Adam is a better singer or not (highly debatable, but both are GREAT singers), the fact is that the ALBUM that Adele put out is extraordinary and the American public agrees. I am an Adam fan but let’s face it his songs have generally sucked. I hope he does better with the next album but complaining that some other country’s singer is making it harder for Americans is just so ignorant and jingoistic. Adam needs better material. Unfortunately, he is not much of a writer himself. That’s why he sounds so great on older, great songs….and why his album did not sell. Plus his songs are overproduced. I almost think he should record a live album and keep the producers out of it.

          • New York

            Yes..Adele is doubt about it.. but guess what? The UK wouldn’t even play Adam’s first album.. totally ignored him and WWFM & WOULD not release BTIKM over there.So let’s play fair..Adam, is amazing and wasn’t given a chance over there..Yet we jump through hoops for UK performers.. look at One Direction. Fair is fair..Adam is right here in the US and hardly noticed compared to other Artists. It’s ridiculous..

          • me

            how u gonna be trying to chastise pple and tell the how to feel? music is subjective..and your opinion is your own…and only one.

  • Lexy

    Adam Lambert is so talented yet underrated.

  • DL

    You know what, w/ such asshat resistance from red radio suits in terms of radio play for BTIKM, Adam’s achievement even just to date w/ Trespassing is remarkable. I am a proud fan, and this album is excellent, no denying it. BTIKM was just as good, and in some cases way better than songs getting ridic repeat plays incessantly. Whatevs, I have my ipod adapter’s always on hand… but for the public at large’s sake, I hope dj’s and PD’s and MD’s can exert some influence over their suit bosses and spin NCOE more!

    • Sharon Miller Sullivan

      Amen to that radio is responsible hands down for the success of some mediocre singers just by spinning their records in rotation 24 hrs a day. I can’t even listen to the local stations as what they are playing is crap. They also cater to kids now and don’t give a hoot about anyone over 30. I hate to say this but wish radio would fade away and let’s let the digital and CDs take over the music industry.

  • Daisy

    I hope Trespassing will get the #1 spot because it’s an amazing album.

    If Adam’s new singles have had the support from the radio stations, I’m sure that many more units of Trespassing would be sold!

    • Sharon Miller Sullivan

      There is something not right about radio and how they keep playing same ole songs in rotation and make excuses why they can’t or won’t play Adam’s music. Think about it how many times do you here a male gay artists songs on radio? Hum.. almost never. Bias and prejudice are what are keeping Adam’s music off the airwaves.

  • JosieCat

    Considering the typical sales drop we’ve been seeing for Idol contestants’ second albums, the fact that Adam is releasing the album with little radio presence, and is not releasing during Black Friday week with all the attendant hype from an Idol run, first week sales of 70-80k are absolutely nothing to sneeze at. I’ll go out on a limb and say it – given the strength of “Trespassing”, I believe it will end up outselling FYE. If anyone can break the typical second album “Idol Curse,” it’s Adam.

    • JosieCat

      Wish I could edit. {sigh} When I said I believe “Trespassing” will outsell FYE, I didn’t mean in first week sales, but after all is said and done.

  • pr63

    we all know why adam is not considered mainstream and i think it’s totally ridiculous. he’a brilliant. what would have happened to him if there was no elton john???

  • melody

    American artists do well in England and in other countries. Just wait till Adam starts wracking up all the sales from overseas,He is after all an International star.So to be fair Music helps keep us all sane around the world, and good music no matter where it comes from, should be rewarded.Don’t you think Adam might agree.

  • JLM

    Seriously record sales suck right now and yes this year there is Adele and before that Susan Boyle, but those are anomalies and if Adam’s album makes #1 let’s all give him the kuddos he deserves!! Also it would be the first OUT gay male Popstar to have a number #1 album. That would be a true milestone for America. Lastly this album is fantastic!!

  • terry

    Wondering, how can Adam have almost 1 1/2 million followers yet so few sales? Oh yes, it’s the US sales that ‘count’ isn’t it? Adam is widely appreciated all over the world and his sales will add up when the album is released elsewhere.

  • me

    we just were just happy if he got in top 3… we never expected him debut at one..we had no idea what to expect..we were just happy to finally have music… HE has been out of the public eye FOR 3 YEARS!!

    ..and so what a 1 is a 1 and if he has beaten all others and all odds based on sales at the why you gotta spoil our happiness ..why is it even a big deal?

    He has no major single out front rn like some artist… DID you see that KARMIN mess..they have a major single out and barely sold any cds their first week same as the THE WANTED

  • me

    …(con)..THE WANTED

  • ok last time

    ok last time ..(con)… THE WANTED They were EVERYWHERE and barely sold 34,000! HE is doing pretty damned GOOD ..and the one out is just starting to chart…..He has no major talk shows but one to sustain the sales needed for a bigger impact.. WHY, cause he is going all over town for concerts for radio. I expected a decent start and steady sales after, like most artist not mAJORLY FAMOUS yet.

    wtf ..why every time some good goes on with him..ppl wanna be negative to are have these massive expectations idgi ..for a GAY dude struggling to make it mainstream with very little help or support he is doing GODDAMNED well. the mfing END

  • me again

    lol…that was kinda strong huh..sorry. =P
    i love u guys..ur my favorite…was typing in the moment. …going to go listen to my awesome cd now!

  • Songspiritutah

    This album is amazing! Love it, love Adam! Better than FYE by far.