‘American Idol’ Finalist Phillip Phillips Refuses Kidney Surgery

Phillip Phillips, American Idol‘s last standing male finalist of Season 11, has struck some good news this week, as he was voted into the Top 2 and will compete in next week’s finals against Jessica Sanchez. Unfortunately, the Dave Matthews-esque contestant has been suffering health issues with his kidneys all season, and doctors have urged him to undergo emergency kidney surgery as soon as possible, TMZ reports. However, Phillips has refused so he can continue competing on the show.

During a trip back home to Georgia (to film his homecoming segment), the 21-year-old singer had a doctor by his side. “Phillip wasn’t eating and looked horrible,” claims a source. His condition has also taken a toll on his voice, as medication he’s taking has caused him to have dry mouth.

Phillips was also hospitalized back in March after suffering from pain in his abdomen. His father revealed that his son suffered from kidney stones, and had five previous procedures attempting to remove them.

“Phillip said he was not going to drop out of the show so the doctor told him he ABSOLUTELY had to go under the knife immediately after the finale,” the source adds.

Recovery from a kidney surgery is said to take about six weeks, so whether Phillips comes in first or second place next week, he’ll be out of the heavy promotional cycle the Top 2 is scheduled for following the finale.

Performing in the finals for the chance to win American Idol is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But let’s hope Phillip, and his kidneys, can hold tight for one more week.