2012 Billboard Music Awards: Natasha Bedingfield Sings Donna Summer’s “Last Dance”

Natasha Bedingfield Donna Summer tribute Billboard Music Awards 2012 Last Dance
Natasha Pays Tribute To The Late Disco Queen
On one hand, we were glad to see Donna Summer honored at last night’s Billboard Music Awards following the disco diva’s death at age 63 last week. But unlike the Beastie Boys and Whitney Houston tributes, the one for Summer was cut way too short by a commercial break. (Even Bee Gees member Robin Gibb, who passed away yesterday, got a full moment of silence.)

At any rate, click play above to watch a clip of Natasha Bedingfield singing Donna’s Academy Award-winning Thank God It’s Friday soundtrack hit “Last Dance” as photos of the disco legend are flashed behind her.

  • Tina

    Am I the only one who noticed her screwing the song up? If you’re going to pay tribute to someone have the respect to learn their song first! I think that’s why she was cut short!

  • Really!

    Natasha Bedingfield CAN NOT SING! Did we learn nothing from her disaster at CHRISTMAS! She should not be singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow!

    I think it was in very poor taste that they started talking over Natasha Bedingfield as she was singing and then cut to a commercial. She obviously can’t sing, and then they just cut it off. It would have been better to just make an honorable mention with a moment of silence then to do that. Horriblle!

  • Scott Wm Simpson

    Natasha has an unusual voice with very strange pronunciations of some words…. she was okay, I suppose. What was NOT okay was the disrespectful “tribute” to someone who changed the course of music history forever, the ONLY person in history to score 3 platinum double albums in a row, and whose influence is still felt in the music industry today. I hope Billboard gives Donna Summer a HUGE award next year for her lifetime contribution to the industry. Elvis is the King of Rock-n-Roll; Aretha the Queen of Soul; Michael the King of Pop; Donna Summer the Queen of Disco. She should have had a tribute fit for a Queen.

  • Tim X

    Freakin’ painful! Natasha Bedingfield? Of all people they could possibly get, they grab a girl that can’t hold a candle to Donna! Absolutely disgraceful! Her ‘performance’ of Last Dance was humiliating! And that’s without going on about them cutting it short. Maybe someone in the control booth realized how bad Bedingfield was and decided to spare us all by going to commercial! Donna deserves SO MUCH MORE!