Ke$ha Channels Blur’s “Song 2″ On New Track “Woo Hoo”: Listen To A Clip

May 23rd, 2012 // 5 Comments
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While the world collectively wrings its hands anxiously, waiting for Ke$ha‘s new album to arrive, there is some slight relief today, pop pickers —  a snippet of new song said to be called “Woo Hoo” has arrived! In addition to declaring that she lives her life like she’s been “raised by wolves,” Ke$ha also interpolates Blur’s ’90s classic “Song 2″ into her song’s chorus.

The dollar-signed one demurely chirps the following atop a stomping beat: “Woo hoo, if you’re ready to throw down, woo hoo, like we’ve never been allowed / woo hoo, if you just don’t give a fuck, throw ‘em up, throw ‘em up, e’erybody throw ‘em up!”

Marvel at the poetry below!

So is this what Ke$ha meant when she described the new genre she was creating as “cock pop”? Because it sounds like the stuff on her last album. Just checking.

Anyway, weigh in below on whether you think Damon Albarn & Co. will be hopping on one foot to Ke$ha’s tune in their living rooms or speed-dialing their lawyers.


  1. Nonie

    Link Doesn’t Work :(

  2. The Youtube video has been removed due to a copyright claim. :-/

  3. Pedro

    FIX THE LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Denis

    And to clear something up, there is NOTHING vague about the menniag of the song. People only think so as they can not pick up on the obvious references to Christianity throughout the lyrics. There is no other menniag that can interpreted from this song

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