Listen To Jason Derulo, Coca-Cola and Your New Single “Undefeated”

Last night on American Idol, Jason Derulo performed his new single “Undefeated”, the title track from his upcoming album. The song was created as part of Coca-Cola’s “Perfect Harmony” initiative, which called on regular, non-pop star people to help write the song by submitting lyrics, and then voting for their favorite fan-written lines to be incorporated into the tune. Does this mean we all get a cut of the profits from sales of the single? (Yeah, don’t count on that.)

Check out the studio recording of Jason’s new song below.

Jason must have been feeling pretty defeated earlier this year, when he suffered a neck fracture when attempting an acrobatic move. Thankfully, he’s back in fighting (and dancing) shape.

Jason Derulo – “Undefeated”

“Undefeated” was available as a free download for a limited time, courtesy of Coca-Cola… but it looks like we missed our chance, as all 25,000 free downloads have already been snatched up. Dang.