Phillip Phillips’ “Home”: Hear The Studio Version Of His ‘American Idol’ Coronation Song

Do you like Phillip PhillipsIdol winner’s song, America? Apparently you do! Since “Home” was slapped on iTunes following Tuesday night’s final performance round ahead of the American Idol finale, the single has become the top download on the retailer’s chart. And so it’s pretty safe to assume that, naturally, some of those 132 million votes that came in (!!) for the show’s results have translated into money spent on sending “Home” to its new home of #1.

The whimsical, plucky guitar tune was co-written by Drew Pearson and Greg Holden, and aims for a Coldplay-like ambiance. Does it succeed? We’ll let you be the judge. Give a listen to the studio version of “Home” below.

Phillip Phillips — “Home”

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  • meg myles

    EM HUH…
    CONTINUE !!!

  • jane harper

    back to our roots, reminds me of my time in scotland, thank you phillip, may you continue

  • SDY92

    A little Mumford & Sons, don’t you think? But I like it