Jessica Sanchez’s “Change Nothing”: Hear The Studio Version

Jessica Sanchez‘s potential American Idol winner’s song (newsflash: Phillip Phillips won last night) is called “Change Nothing”, though we have a feeling there are a few things the 16-year-old wouldn’t mind changing — one of them being the fact that while Phillips’ coronation single “Home” is currently the top download on iTunes, “Change Nothing” is nowhere to be found on the online retailer’s chart, which tracks the 200 most-downloaded songs.

“It did bomb, didn’t it? The song didn’t work well live,” Interscope chief/Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine said to The Hollywood Reporter. Agree with his sentiment? Give the studio version of “Change Nothing” a listen below and decide whether you think the 16-year-old runner-up’s pop ballad deserved better or not.

Jessica Sanchez — “Change Nothing”

  • bob

    jessica was sabotaged big time with this crap song

  • joey f.

    the debut single “change nothing” by jessica sanchez is beginning to sound better and better everytime they play it on the radio. its a very beautiful piece of music that is so soothing to listen over and over again. i love it. bravo jessica. you really made this song sounded so perfectly. you’re a true diva in the making.

    • Roselynd Vazquez Conley

      What radio station do you listen too.?

  • Richard

    It’s catchy as you listen to it. The studio version is way better and I like that her range could also be noticed w/ the song. I already bought 22 of her songs on itunes and they are all different styles. She is truly a phenomenal artist!!!

  • celine

    i love to listen to all her songs. soothing and relaxing..

  • James Bolt

    Studio version is SOOO much better…it’s a good song actually

  • lav-adams

    yeah.her studio version is quite totally opposite to how flop it seemed like when she sang it in the finale. It has become one of my favorite songs on my american idol list. including phil’s home of course.

  • emma

    Yeah, actually this song is a good one as well for her voice. Loved the section where she’s belting the higher part closed at the the end. Jessica, you can sing anything & a word of advise please choose the songs that you really like & will fit you.

  • Gmac3

    The studio version sounds a lot better than the one she sang on idol. Maybe if they gave it a better treatment on the show it would have come accross better.

  • beus

    i love it!

  • Voicelover

    It’s one of those songs that grow on you and it’s not bad at all. I think, when people hear a new song from Jessica, they expect to hear something like from “And I’m Telling You” and if the song falls short in terms of range, the initial reaction is dissapointment. Fortunately Jessica can mke any song sound great with her voice and that’s what we end up enjoying. She has such a beatiful tone to her voice and her control is out of this world. Still can’t believe she didn’t win.

  • jay acuzar

    i actually loved this from the first time i heard her sing it.. its a song that sounds like a finale!!!

    • derek

      What is your email?

  • jen34

    If only they let her and Phillip sang the whole song since it was their potential singles, then it would have been a different story for sure.

  • calib62

    good song. I dont remember it sounding this good on Idol. Hope she keeps doing what she does, she is amazing.

  • Chic

    Amazing to hear JS sing this song! The song, I think is great.

  • Roselynd Vazquez Conley

    At first I wasn’t too happy with the song, I thought the same as some of you, they just wanted to really screw her up, but the more I hear it the more I like it. Jessica is so AMAZNG!!!! Can’t wait for her