Phillip Phillips’ 7 Goofiest Faces: ‘American Idol’ Season 11

May 24th, 2012 // 10 Comments
Phillip Wins!
Phillip Phillips wins American Idol
Season 11 is over, and Phillips is the new American Idol. Read More »

Well, Season 11 of American Idol is officially over and Phillip Phillips has been crowned its winner. Now that the confetti has settled on the least watched AI finale ever, we thought it was high time to properly honor the Georgia native with the thing that we know him for best. No, not for that Dave Matthews‘ doppelganger sound — we’re taking a look back at those awkward grimaces he makes when he sings. So press play on the studio version of his coronation song “Home”, sit back and have yourself a good chuckle — especially if you voted for Jessica Sanchez.


  1. Phillip Phillips Top 3 Performance
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    I think Phillip is very sincere, humble and I hope has a very successful career ahead of him. He is a very pationate singer and Idol was lucky to get him and so will anyone who signed him.

  2. R.T.

    Let’s hope all the young girl voters who voted for him get his album. If not, he’s the next Idol to get dropped!

  3. Phillip Phillips American Idol Top 4
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    Dunno about the faces.. but your interpretations are quite lame. Just saying.

  4. Lucille Young

    Congratulations to Phillip Phillips! His rendition of “Home” is lovely.

    I wish him a speedy recuperation from his future surgery, and much good health throughout his life.

  5. Phillip Phillips Top 5 American Idol
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  6. Phillip Phillips American Idol Top 4
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    Phillip is cuter than cute.

  7. Phillip Phillips Performing Top 7 American Idol
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    He was good. I am glad he got it. The girl wasn’t quit good enough. kidney stones if that was what was wrong with him are so painful. I hope he gets well soon.

  8. Phillip Phillips Top 5 American Idol
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    Not even close to funny.

  9. Patterson

    Hmmm. And why is it that you photo is not posted next to your name? Perhaps you’re not photo-worthy…or perhaps you don’t want to unveil what a poor, embittered individual you are. And, by the way, writing that is cloaked in sarcasm with little else to offer doesn’t qualify as “writing” reporting, blogging, etc.

  10. Phillip Phillips Top 4 American Idol
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    andrea – suse, you are so beautiful. kat, you are so aowseme. these are all incredibly gorgeous! i especially love the laughing on the bed, and the horizontal black and white two above it. perfection.

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