Kris Allen Will Not Pull Off An ‘American Idol’ Hat Trick On The Album Chart Next Week

This week Adam Lambert made American Idol-related chart history when his LP Trespassing succeeded Blown Away by fellow AI alum Carrie Underwood at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 — a first for onetime Idol contestants. But the hopes of those looking to Kris Allen to pull off a threepeat of sorts with Thank You Camellia are likely to be dashed by the time next week’s chart rolls around.

Billboard has John Mayer‘s latest LP Born And Raised pegged as the next #1, and indicates that industry sources say it could sell upwards of 220,000 copies by the time data is added up. Both Allen’s Thank You Camellia and Haley Reinhart‘s debut Listen Up are expected to crack the Top 20.

  • Linda

    Love Kris Allen and his new cd. All the songs were fun. He is very talented artist. He is true to himself.

    • Lior Ahundov

      Kris was and is boring/ hi isnt singer.

  • R.T.

    I have no interest in getting the new Kris Allen album. He bored me even on Idol. Got the new Haley Reinhart album, though. Surprisingly, it was rather good! The album kind of reminds me of Duffy’s debut album “Rockferry”.

  • guest

    Kris’ album is really good. So is Haley’s. It is too bad that their sales aren’t predicted to be higher.

  • GU

    I dont like Haley’s debut album. except Free and Walking on Heaven, the others sound like similiar. I like Kris’s Thank you Camellia. I’m still enjoy Kris’s debut but it was not much interesting. I like Carrie’s voice more than Haley but I really feel bore at Carrie’s this album. Adam – It’s not boring but not good as his debut.
    Infact, I like Kris’s album the most.

  • Lior Ahundov

    Kris cannot to sing/And nobody wants his album

  • Marty

    I like his album. The songs are all different, but very Kris. Like Linda said, he’s talented and he’s true to himself.