Justina’s “Another Man’s Treasure” Video: Idolator Premiere

We’ve definitely seen in-your-face rapstress Justina‘s sassy side, via her “Bubble Gum” and “Hip Hop Joan Jett” videos. But the New Jersey MC shows off her vulnerability in the video for her Route 80 mixtape track “Another Man’s Treasure”. Of course, don’t get us wrong — she’s still full of fire and tongue-in-cheek rhymes here. “I’m like a cross between Adele and Eminem,” she announces at the beginning of the tune. But pay attention and you’ll hear Justina, who’s half-rapping, half-singing, detail a painful moment in a relationship gone south. Watch the video above.

“This song was fueled by a one insane liquor-filled evening, complete with a real life knock down, drag out brawl, breakup, weeks of anguish and self-realization,” Justina tells us about her inspiration for “One Man’s Treasure”, which marks a change of pace for her. She adds: “Hope my pain made for a good song. And remember, One man’s trash…”

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