Beyonce Prepares For Her Atlantic City Shows: Watch

It’s been almost a year since Beyonce last took the stage, and now the new mama is back in dancing shape and ready to thrill her fans once again. Tonight, the pop diva will perform her first of four shows at the Revel Resort in Atlantic City, performing in the 5,050-capacity Ovation Hall. But even a four-night stint takes months of planning, as evidenced by this behind-the-scenes video.

“I’m enjoying being a mother, so going back to my old job, it’s a little strange,” admits the BET Award nominee, who is seen as the guiding force behind these comeback performances as she not only sings and dances, but is hands-on in the design of the stage and LED screens, making sure the audience gets the best show possible.

The video offers an interesting look into how much work it takes to put together a live concert, but we recommend watching it just to see a goofy Beyonce dancing next to a private helicopter.