Lady Gaga Cancels Concert In Indonesia

Lady Gaga called off her sold-out concert in Jakarta, Indonesia, in the latest setback in the Asian segment of her Born This Way Ball tour. The cancellation of the June 3 show followed a public outcry by Islamist hard-liners, who had voiced objections to Gaga’s revealing costumes and the show’s suggestive choreography.

But after Gaga’s camp evidently refused requests from local police to tone down the performance in order to receive the necessary permits, the scrapping of one of the biggest dates on the tour seemed inevitable. “I’m so very sorry to the fans & just as devastated as you if not more. You are everything to me”, Gaga tweeted. A few of her fans in Jakarta, however, decided the show must go on, in a way.

Michael Rusli, head of concert promoter Big Daddy, announced that full refunds would be offered to Gaga fans, though that didn’t offer much solace to little monsters like 25-year-old Johnny Purba, who told the Associated Press that the cancellation “only shows to the world how weak security forces are in this country, how police are afraid of a bunch of hard-liners. Gaga’s show, he added, posed no threat to Indonesia’s Muslim community. “For God’s sake, she is not a terrorist!”

Several dozen Gaga fans, however, carried on by staging their own look-a-like contest and flash mob at the EX shopping mall in Jakarta.

Though news of Gaga’s concert cancellation apparently broke before or during the spontaneous party, local fan Simon Sibarani, 19, told The Jakarta Post that “the show must go on”. The fans performed two extensive routines to a medley of Gaga hits, including “Just Dance”, “Judas” and “Born This Way”.

Though Sibarani noted he felt “bitter” over the fact that Gaga pulled the plug on her performance, he and other fans may yet receive some consolation prize. Gaga tweeted to her Jakarta fans that she would “try to put together something special for you.”

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