Madonna Tour: Watch “Express Yourself” Become “Born This Way” In Rehearsal

Madonna Lady Gaga Express Yourself
Is Madonna Taking A Swipe At Gaga?
Madonna has described Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way” as both “reductive” and a “wonderful way to redo my song” for its similarities to her own classic “Express Yourself”. But lest the resemblance be lost on anyone, the Material Girl looks to be planning to blend the two songs live as part of her upcoming MDNA world tour. In shaky video footage from a recent rehearsal, Madonna is seen shifting (seamlessly) from “Express Yourself” into the chorus of “Born This Way”. Madonna closes by singing “she’s not me”, from the chorus of the pointed song of the same name from her own 2008 album Hard Candy.

While there may be a way for some to spin this as some sort of superstar-to-superstar in-joke, it certainly seems clear that Madonna is preparing to escalate the rivalry by throwing it in fans’ faces.

Not to ask the obvious, but why can’t they just get along? Both stars are successful beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Besides, didn’t they sort of settle their differences back on Saturday Night Live in 2009?

Of course, that was before “Born This Way”, which seemed to have ignited the feud anew. Madonna’s been asked about the song repeatedly ever since, and it must be frustrating for a (gracefully aging, for the most part) superstar to be reminded, constantly, that there’s a younger, even “reductive”, version of themselves out there.

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  • Jonathan Paramo

    The only one that has repeatedly attacked here is Madonna, so she is one that needs to get along……

  • Juvi

    I hate madonna, but thats not the reason why i want to say something now, i want to say, its stupid to do that, she akts like a 12 years old bitch and she got not so much attention thru MDNA so she does have to do this?? Not Queenlike, SAD BUT TRUE, and it gets annoying ’cause Gaga newver said and is not saying something about Madonna anymore, only Madonna wants to bitch around!!!!!!! (I think it’s sad, that a WOMAN akts like a 12-Years-Old-Bitch)

  • Billy M

    Lady Gaga is Lady Caca. She is a fake. Queen Madge is obviously calling her out on this.

    • Chris

      you’re a dumbass

  • waefiu

    um isnt madonna a legend? the reason madonna and her fans insist on constantly bringing up lady gaga is because they are threatened by her

    never thought madge would stoop so low

    kudos to lady gaga for not responding to any of this and keeping it classy

    its funny how madonna fans bash gaga for “copying” madonna when madonna herself copied or shall i say “drew inspiration from” countless artists in her day

    take a look at this madonna stans:

    this proves just how original madonna is

    • San

      The fact that you even provide that link just shows you have no idea what you’re talking about. Carry on in ignorance.

    • Christobin

      her p.r. team is bringing up Lady Gaga, they submit these stories to blogs for publication-its a way to generate a reaction, both performers Gaga and Demonna work under the same team and have since day one-its extremely calculated

  • Fire-And-Ice

    It wont be as big a deal as everyone thinks it will, but we’ll have to wait and see the visuals and how it all goes when the tour starts in a few days.

  • Joshua Tignor

    People are so stupid, Madonna and Gaga are clearly working you all to fight over nothing. Madonna can’t use Gaga’s song with out permission and I am sure her and Madonna planned on Born this way sounding like Express Yourself. Its called marketing. Gaga and Madonna both praise each other and they want you to fight its free press. Madonna knows how to work it, Gaga is following Madonnas handbook.

    • Josef

      Spot on!….Glad there are people who think the same way,:)

    • JROCK

      Hello – Finally someone who is smart enough to “Get It”! Those girls both know exactly what they are doing and are laughing at how this “Rivalry” has played out! Yes, laughing all the way to the bank! I just can’t believe how nasty some of the comments are all over the internet in regards to her age rather than the body of work she is offering. Hey kids I hate to tell you- everyone ages, even your “Monster”. Wouldn’t you like her to be aloud to go continue after you guys self imposed “EXPIRED” date. I thought the “monsters’” were all about “Acceptance”, I guess that doesn’t include being- aloud to age and still create art.

  • MJforever

    About this, Madge doing that mash-up, along with “She’s Not Me”, could be her her telling others to stop comparing her and Gaga, because like she said on ABC: “She’s her and I’m Me”. Or maybe she’s telling both her and Gaga’s stans that “the joke’s on you”.

    Yet still, I found it to be quite amusing. And little monsters take everything regarding Gaga WAY too f***ing seriously, and need to learn that she can handle herself just fine w/o their unnecessary attacks against others.

    And last but not least, with them contradicting her anti-bullying and anti-hate activism, Gaga’s fanbase is probably the worst and most immature stanbase ever, even worse than beliebers.

  • Tom Vargas

    most people with a brain and sense see the gimmick-her album sales tapered off right quick, 111.5 million people watched half time she couldnt muster up 100,000 sales, if it weren’t for the unfortunate demise of socially inept and discarded homosexuals the “Born This Way” gimmick would be a non issue and complete failure, Madonna must profit from the weak of society, along with her investment group. Lets ignore the fact she uses Dr.King as another “personal hero” of hers, yet endorses slavery with her daughter by selling clothing “Material Girl” which is made by poor migrant families and children in sweat shop factories in China. She’s also a avid supporter of Bill Clinton the person that signed The Defense Of Marriage Act, making it impossible for gays to marry. She does nothing but decieve people and they pay for it-trust me she is content making millions off the hardship of others, it cheers her up obviously. Madonna people don’t dislike because you “old” that tired excuse is a bit played out.

  • Jack

    I think that this is an incredibly interesting pop moment. First of all, it is true, and pretty undeniable, that ‘Born This Way’ and ‘Express Yourself’ sound similar, does it matter? Not really.

    What is interesting is that while Madonna is seemingly attempting to distinguish herself from Gaga whilst simultaneously ascertaining her prowess as the ‘original’ artist. But it seems that this audible blending/combination of the two songs is actually creating a seamless lineage between the two pop stars. In ‘Born This Way,’ Lady Gaga paid homage to Madonna, by appropriating a melody. In this way Madonna was the original and Gaga was the copy. But by Madonna now re-appropriating the tune (by performing ‘Born This Way’), and performing it as her own she has in fact blurred the line between herself and Gaga (Madonna copying Gaga copying Madonna???) which was clearly not her intention since she sings “she’s not me” several times at the end of the video clip.

    Madonna may have been trying to elucidate Gaga’s appropriation of ‘her’ melody as somehow dishonest and “reductive”, but she has actually just confused things, and made the bond between herself and Gaga stronger, and in a negative manner, which cannot help her image (it kind of makes her seem old and bitter).

    If I were on Madonna’s team, I would have suggested that she leave the “she’s not me” part out at the end. Madonna doesn’t even necessarily need to acknowledge Gaga, they are of different era’s. Madonna is bygone, she is a solid gold statue, an undisputed pop goddess. Does she really feel that threatened by Gaga?

  • Xadax


    • Mel

      I know, I’m just trying to help you stay ltageimite here.. if you just spew a bunch of crap out your ass that isn’t true eventually you’ll end up with a job on Fox News

  • she-is-NOT-good

    Madonna is the only queen of pop and music, she is just amazing and no body will ever be like her…. Gaga`s music is ok, but still she needs a lot to be done to be at the same level of the queen of pop…. Madonna is unbeatable and will continue to make great music and she will always be remembered as the Queen Of Pop.

  • Mindaugas

    lol at mzinspiredmind81…yea she is a bit scary but i atolsubely love her…from afar!!! lol but i love her natural look she really is a nice looking woman

  • メガネ だて

    老眼鏡 おしゃれ メガネ だて