Justin Bieber’s “Die In Your Arms”: Listen

Surprised to wake up this morning and find a new Justin Bieber single in the Top 10 on iTunes? The song in question is called “Die In Your Arms”, and despite its seemingly-gloomy title, the upbeat jam isn’t likely to be finding its way onto the next Twilight soundtrack. Atop a hip hop beat, finger snaps and melodic piano chords, Bieber croons in a high tenor that he’d never hurt his baby, because that would break his heart. The whole affair, which comes across like a lost Jackson 5 tune, is below. Give it a listen!

Know how we know Bieber is a mature singer now, pop pickers? Because the 18-year-old tunesmith uses the word “damn” here. Sigh. They grow up so quick.

“Die In Your Arms” is the second single released off Justin’s upcoming LP Believe (out June 19). In the grand scheme of pop music, it’s a pretty harmless offering from the Bieb. That said, it could prove to be quite potent now that summer radio season has arrived.

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  • Rahul

    Dam good this song is best it is better then boyfriend and all around the world keep,it up Justin bibber and this song is the soundtrack of twilight. Breaking down part2 guys he has done a good job

  • Tee

    his amazing! :)

  • carole

    love it!

  • Freya Devi Schmiege Shrestha

    This is a really good song. He actually sampled a Jackson 5 song called We’ve got a good thing. I really like the Jackson 5 and the original song but Justin did a good job too.