Adam Lambert’s “Never Close Our Eyes” Video: Watch Him Fight For Free Society

Adam Lambert Never Close Our Eyes music video
1984 Or 2012? Watch Adam's Orwellian Video
Adam Lambert wakes up to find he’s no longer able to exercise free will in his “Never Close Our Eyes” video. The chart-topping crooner is released from his holding cell only to find that society is now made up of people whose every movement is monitored — from their daily intake of a mind control pill to their performances of menial tasks such as scrubbing the floor. This, of course, doesn’t sit well with the Glam One, and he inspires those around him to rebel against those in control. Watch Adam’s sci fi fest above!

By the end of the clip, the singer and his pals have successfully warded off the guards who attempt to subdue them, and they engage in a colorful, strobe-and-smoke-filled dance party.

You have to hand it to Lambert — whether he’s simply walking around a room looking forlorn, throwing a glitter fest in the woods or channeling George Orwell’s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, the American Idol alum’s videos are never dull.

“Never Close Our Eyes” is the second single from Adam’s new album Trespassing, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 last week. (You can purchase Trespassing at eMusic.)

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  • Brandon Tom

    Adam Lambert I can’t take my eyes off of you in this video. Beautiful work!

  • Rand Medley

    Adam, Adam, Adam. You never cease to be entertaining. This video is amazingly creative. Well done. The music, cinematography, choreography and concept is so thought provoking as well as artistically creative. My only criticism is it was to short. I can’t wait to see you in a feature film. Congratulations and thank you for bringing artistry, integrity and skill back into the music in my life.

  • Roger Kramjet

    I love it Adam! Great job!

  • Melissa Pauls

    Loving this vid so hard omg! All the sci fi elements feed my sekrit inner geek so much, and I adore that Adam’s rebellion climaxes in a full on neon suited shake yo ass rave! Count me in on the revolution Adam!

    Also how is it possible that Adam seems to be getting even hotter? Srsly he is mesmerizing. This vid is a keeper fer sure.

  • DC

    The guy is forever that showman. He’s the most fascinating male on the music scene. I saw him this weekend headlining a radio show’s music festival. They had a record breaking crowd show up and they were chanting “Adam, Adam” from one end of the field to the other. The guy really has some killer vocal ability and showmanship.

  • RedRoseQueen1

    Lambert is THE HOT ARTIST to watch! He has fantastic instincts and is very creative as well as incredibly vocally talented. I mean, like off -the- hook vocals! And his movie star good looks don’t hurt either. THIS is how it’s done!

  • mellenbo

    Incredible, well themed video that stays with you!! NCOE deserves lots of radio play & I hope this video helps make it happen. Once again, Mr Lambert nails it!!

  • Carol

    I had the idea that Nver Close Our Eyes referred to the night that Adam met Sauli. Oh well, what do I know? Brilliant video with a powerful message about freedom. Bravo, Adam!

  • Star Atop

    Excellent video with some rather interesting takes on the current world. Thank you, Adam, for opening my eyes!!!

  • tess4ADAM

    LOVE the VIDEO!! LOVE the SONG!! LOVE the MAN!! EXCELLENT concept!! BRILLIANT Performance!! AND … THAT VOICE!!! Oh My!! THAT VOICE!!

    tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

  • wendy

    What an incredible voice. I am really impressed with the video. I am not sure about radio. I spent 8 years in top 40 in North Florida, heavily CLEAN. Black ok, female ok, plaid shirt playing guitar ok, gay – this is the reaction. WHAT DO WE DO WITH THIS GUY. When Pink’s Party came out we played it 3 times an hour. There were days I wanted to shoot myself due to repitition.I know every word in Drops of Jupiter. But Adam…. I don’t know, we played wwfm ocasionally. Only because Adam was more attached to American Idol then. I left radio because they are hypocrites. P-them off CALL AND REQUEST this usually forces them into it.

  • Glamberr

    Love the video, the singer and the album. The video was out of this world. Love the man. I agree with Wendy. The DJs are hypocrites. I have called and emailed them several times and asked them to play his song and I have still not heard it. They have their favorites they play until I just started shutting the radio off. Can’t get them to budge on Adam. Realllllly frustrated.

  • jack

    i love u Adam cause he is the best men in the erath……..

  • Tracey

    Remember the dialogue in the 2004 version movie called, King Arthur, starring Clive Owen; how there were some people incorrectly imprisoned and Clive Owen mentioned as screaming in their faces; “You were free from the time you were born”, this is soooo true, yet there still a lot within higher places who believe everyone must be enslaved to only their kind of inner Psyche will(which has accomplished nothing, but lots and lots of trouble!!!) now why would I want to be mentally enslaved by persons of this nature who believe they have Perfect Psyche’s when they have continued to reveal how ABNORMAL they more so are?

  • Abbas

    Adam its a great message conveyed by this song.
    Hats Off 2 u Pal. Bravo.