Kanye West & Jay-Z’s “No Church In The Wild” Video: Watch

kanye west jay-z the throne no church in the wild video
Watch Kanye & Jay-Z's New Video
Back in October, Kanye West appeared at the Occupy Wall Street protests in Manhattan. Though he was there only briefly and let Russell Simmons do all the talking, the experience must have moved him, as he and Jay-Z‘s gritty, violent video for their Watch The Throne track “No Church In The Wild” is clearly influenced by the protests and civil unrest that took place all across the country. And it’s easily one of the most visceral, relevant clips of the year. 

The video, directed by Roman Gavras (the man behind M.I.A.‘s haunting “Born Free” video) and shot in Prague, features neither member of The Throne, but instead focuses on two groups: protestors and the police, both at war with one another. And yes, this is war — it’s an unsettling and savage clip, depicting protestors being beaten and pepper-sprayed as they mercilessly combat with the police, though the protestors-turned-rioters also inflict a large part of the violence: they destroy property, loot stores, and set fire to cars — and humans. The video refuses to take sides, as there’s no winner when a conflict turns to violence.

Popping up at the end of the clip is an actual elephant, and we’ll let you decide what metaphor they’re trying to make.

The Throne, who released their first LP as a duo last August, are currently on tour in Europe til the end of June. “No Church In The Wild” recently popped up in the trailer for Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby. Watch it here.

  • Blessed

    why dont these two demons get on a private jet to hell with no windows..

  • estas

    these 2 demons should just stop,………we get it that they HATE GOD.

  • DontBelievTheHype

    I had to pray hard after viewing this disgrace!!!! Agenda is painted-all over this film… I pray for Kanye West and Shawn Carter aka Jay-z, these two men clearly have lost faith in the most high. You know they say that with fame and fortune comes with a heavy price to pay. I pray that these men find Jesus before the price they’ll have to pay… will be there souls. Illuminati is real folks PLEASE!!!!! do your research… the New World Order Agenda is going to happen… and this video is merely showing you the future of our nation. There goal is to eradicate Christianity and befoul the earth and promote corruption, sickness and war. Hence “No Church in The Wild” PEOPLE I PLEAD WITH YOU!!!! PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH ON THE SECRECY SOCIETY! Jesus is the way, the light and the truth! DO NOT BE FOOLED BY FALSE IDOLS, people like Jay-z and Kanye are rewarded millions upon millions to be the front line workers of the evil agenda… They are used like puppets to trick the masses through music, television, entertainment and magazines; into turning away from Christ Jesus and worship them as gods. they hide symbolism in plain sight to subconsciously turn you away!!! Again please do your research do not be fooled… Heaven and hell is real… you get one chance as you only live once… to decide where you want to spend all of eternity… please choose wisely.

    love, and respect… and may god be with all of his children :)

  • KonyIsMyHomeboy

    Pretentious faux-intellectualism. No one’s mistaking Kanye & Jay for Chomsky, or even Banksy. Just pour some champagne on some h*es and call it a day bro.

    Also, it was boring.