Florence + The Machine’s “Spectrum” Video: Watch

Tired of music videos with gyrating video vixens bumping and grinding in the club? Then how about this clip with Florence Welch in a multi-layered wig twirling around with pack of lean ballet dancers? Florence + The Machine‘s “Spectrum” visual is as bombastic and over the top as the song itself. (It was co-directed by David LaChapelle, naturally, and John Byrne.) We’re a little bummed that the Calvin Harris remix from the lyric video isn’t used here, but there’s enough completely koo koo eye candy being hurled at us that we’re barely even paying attention to the song itself.

Meanwhile, that’s a ballet dancer orgy going on at the end, isn’t it? And is that a wig, or Flo’s real hair? The “Spectrum” video brings about so questions, but our favorite part has to be the mini-Florence fluttering around in a tutu while the real deal poses in a gold disco suit.

Burn, baby, burn.

[Via Stereogum]