Chris Brown’s New Song “Countdown”: Breezy Wants Sex

May 31st, 2012 // 3 Comments
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Yes, pop fanatics, Chris Brown is back with yet another new song (this one apparently not set to appear on upcoming LP Fortune). On “Countdown”, Breezy broadens his lyrical horizons by exploring the topic of the global economic crisis, and questions the careless actions of our government in a time when so many people are struggling to make their way in the world.

Just kidding — he’s singing about sex! Meanwhile, does Brown really rap “I’ll be partyin’ in your mouth” on this new slow jam? Just checking. Head below to start Breezy’s “Countdown”… and you’ll definitely want to use protection.

Chris Brown — ”Countdown”



  1. ne

    Chris Brown is making it hard for competitors..he keeps raising the bar for the up coming and aready established artists. His work ethic is immaculate..he probably does like a song everyday and they are all great. Great individual, great talent, keep your head up CB.

  2. Ricco

    RAW!!! My boy is a BEAST!!!! NO HOMO!!!!!

  3. Maria

    no body can beat Chris his so big arround the word his fenomenal and thaks Good some body stick out for him definaly all need to respect him and gime some credit his the best in the word his so talent hi really have a gift from Good i love u Chris

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