Nelly Furtado Offers “Something” In New Single Featuring Nas

Nelly Furtado may have postponed her comeback from June to September, but she’s still revealing hints of what’s to come. Featuring production by Salaam Remi, a verse from Nas and seductive words by Furtado, The Spirit Indestructible cut “Something” ends up being far from ambiguous. How so, exactly?

“I let my voice chill out,” Furtado said — meaning, she’s reduced syllables in the song’s bridge and chorus to that of a hiccuping, albeit mild-mannered toddler. Still, Furtado makes clear that she’s in the mood to strike a bargain. As she proposes to give, well, something, she also lists her reasons why: “Can’t have a drink without a well / Can’t fall asleep without a spell …”

Remi builds suspense by striking minor bass chords, presumably in A minor, which makes “Something” feel far slinkier than the feel-good soul throwbacks that he’s churned out for Amy Winehouse and Melanie Fiona. That said, the biggest giveaway that “Something” is a Remi track may be Nas’ verse itself.

The Spirit Indestructible is Furtado’s first album since 2009’s Spanish-language album Mi Plan and also her second off Timbaland‘s label Mosley Music Group, which released 2006’s platinum-certified Loose.

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