Katy Perry’s ‘Part Of Me’ Clip: Watch An 18-Year-Old Perry Discuss Her “Rebel” Phase

We’ve seen her take a dive at the water park and we’ve seen her without makeup, now we get to see a side of Katy Perry we haven’t seen in quite awhile: the pop star sporting that edgy jet-black shag cut from her early days of pop stardom. In this brand new scene from Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3-D (which premiered last night at the MTV Movie Awards), we see an 18-year-old Perry with her parents, who have no idea just how famous (and scantily-clad) her daughter would become.

In the clip, Perry’s mother says she refuses to watch her daughter if she were to ever make it onto MTV. “I’m not gonna watch you if you’ve got half your clothes off,” she says. “She’s not gonna have half her clothes off, relax,” replies her father. Yeah, about that…

Perry also includes footage from a private video she recorded five years before she would release her breakthrough album One Of The Boys.

“I feel like I was never allowed to even think for myself, and all of a sudden, my heart wants to do all kinds of things,” she tells the camera. “I want to travel and experience other things outside of my comfort zone. I guess I’m just probably going through a rebel phase.”

Who knew that rebel phase would still be going nine years later?

Katy Perry’s documentary/concert film will be released in theaters July 5.